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AA-Grade Vanadinite is one of the most striking minerals, with its stunning bright-red and orange crystals that are perfectly formed and look almost surreal. This mineral is truly a marvel of nature. Vanadinite specimens from some localities may darken and lose transparency upon prolonged exposure to light, so this mineral should ideally be kept away from bright light.

Vanadinite’s classic crystal habit is short hexagonal prisms terminated by a pinacoid, or flat basal face. The high luster and generally deep red color give vanadinite a nice appeal to mineral collectors.

It is a stone known for facilitating and expanding the mental process while also promoting action and production. It’s a perfect crystal for long hours of work, studying or exercising. It enhances those long and deep meditative sessions. Vanadinite pushes for organizations of thoughts and ideas.

***As a product of nature, shape, size and color will vary***

Vanadinite, AA Grade


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