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Vanadinite is one of the most striking minerals, with its stunning bright-red and orange crystals that are perfectly formed and look almost surreal. This mineral is truly a marvel of nature. Vanadinite specimens from some localities may darken and lose transparency upon prolonged exposure to light, so this mineral should ideally be kept away from bright light.

Vanadinite is usually red which the other members of this series and apatite group usually are not. These transparent to translucent stones also occur as orange and occasionally grey and brown.  Vanadinite’s classic crystal habit is short hexagonal prisms terminated by a pinacoid, or flat basal face. These crystals are wider than they are long and are more blade-like than the barrel shaped crystals so common to the Apatite Group minerals. The high vitreous to adamantine luster and generally deep red color give vanadinite a nice appeal to mineral collectors.

Vanadinite is useful for breathing difficulties such as asthma and congested lungs. It helps with the practice of circular breathing. Vanadinite treats chronic exhaustion and bladder problems.
Vanadinite is for people who have problems accepting their physical bodies.


***As a product of nature, shape, size and color will vary***



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