Hematite Buzzing Magnets, aka Buzzing Stunt Magnets (also known as Rattlesnake Eggs) are two finely polished, high powered, oval shaped magnets. These super strong magnets are a ton of fun, and you can do a lot of cool stunts with them. Toss each magnet into the air and they will create a buzzing sound as they connect. The higher into the air you spin them, the longer they buzz and chirp. You can also put one magnet on top of your desk and move it around by holding the other magnet underneath the desk.
Or, place the magnets on a smooth surface, pinch the ends together with your thumb and forefinger, then release. The magnets will emit a pleasant fluttering sound as they spin around the surface. Buzz Power: Place one of the magnets on the backside of your fingers and the other on the inside of your hand. The super strength of the magnets will affect each other right through your fingers. Get your own set of Hematite Buzzing Magnets and your co-workers won’t be able to resist your magnetic personality!

These measure approximately 2.25″ long.


Hematite Buzzing Magnets


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