A large display more suited to a medium to large store. (dimensions: 15″x18″x11″)

Rainbow Sticky Stones are magnetic hematite, which is a synthetic form of Hematite. These powerful magnets are a must have item. It will engage your customers and leave them with a smile. These irregular shaped pieces will vary in size from .75″ to 1″ stones.

Includes the following items:
$450 – 45lbs. Rainbow Sticky Stones
$70 – 200ea 2″ X 3″ Suede Bags
$100 – XL Sticky Stones Display Unit

$620 – Total Package Cost
Offset Goods: 5 lbs of Rainbow Sticky Stones

Reorder quantities – 2.5lbs, 5.0lbs, 45lbs

Sticky Stones not recommended for sale to children under 5 years of age. 

Large Rainbow Sticky Stone Display Package

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