Sold by each. 

Extra Large Polished Agate Thin Slices. Available in Blue, Purple, Teal or an assortment of the three. Prices range from $15.00 and $90.00 each. The Slices are .25″ to .5″ thick. These gorgeous slices are perfect statement pieces or can be used to create one of a kind pieces of art! Stands not included.

Price and size are as follows (LxH):
ATSXL/XS: ($15-$30) from approx. 7″ x 8″
ATSXL/S: ($31-$45) from approx. 8″ x 9″
ATSXL/M: ($46-$60) from approx. 9″ x 11″
ATSXL/L: ($61-$75) from approx. 10″ x 13″
ATSXL/XL: ($76-$100) approx. 10.5″ x 14″ up to 11″ x 15″

See photo-we have 1 piece at $97.00 that is about 16.75″ x 9″ (stand for display only)

**Please note that this is a product from nature and priced by weight. Shape and size WILL vary**

**PLEASE NOTE!!** This product is dyed with a mineral based dye. As with most artificially colored items, if this product is used or left in a wet environment, it may cause the dye to bleed from the stone. Pikes Peak Rock Shop will not be responsible for damage caused by using this product in a wet or damp environment.

Extra Large Dyed Agate Thin Slices


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