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This page features Wholesale agate products suitable for gifts, display and home decor. Scroll down to view our beautiful Brazilian agate bookends, candleholders, geodes, geode pots, thin slices and thick slabs. Many agate decorative pieces are on an attractive wood base.

Pikes Peak Rock Shop is a wholesale distributor of fossils, gems and stone products selling direct to Rock Shops, Gift Shops and Souvenir Concessions. We require a minimum of $150 per U.S. order and $350 per international order.

Brazilian Agate Bookend

Sold by the pair. 
Bookends range in cost from $7 per pair to $35 per pair.

Select quantity of pairs below. Sizes greatly vary based on height, width and thickness.
Small Size ($7-$15) is approx. 4 X 4" to 6 X 6"
Medium Size ($16-$25) is approx. 6 X 6" to 8 X 8"
Large Size ($26-$35) is approx. 8 X 8" to 10 X 10"

$11.00 ABE Quantity:
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ats xl.JPG
Extra Quality Natural Agate Thin Slices

These Natural Agate Thin Slices are the highest quality specimens available! They come in three price ranges:
ATS/NXQ/S, which is approximately 4 to 5 inches across and cost between $8 to $16 each.
ATS/NXQ/M, which is approximately 5 to 7 inches across and cost between $17 to $26 each.
ATS/NXQ/L, which is approximately 6 to 8 inches across and cost between $27 to $40 each.
Stands are not included but must be selected for each slice based on size. Stands also vary between lighted and unlighted.

$17.00 ATS/NXQ Quantity:
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Agate Ladder Display

Sold by the each. 
This display stand is great for adding interest to your thin slice display. Available in 2 sizes: Small holds slices from size 2 to size 4 and costs $16.00, and large is for sizes 4 & 6 and costs $24.00.

$16.00 ALD Quantity:
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Agate Points w/Natural Sides

Sold by the each. 

Agate Points with top polished but sides unpolished. Comes in Blue, Black, Purple, Green and Natural. Make selections below. Price will range from $4.00 to $17.00 each. Approximate size: 3" to 4 inches tall.

$9.00 PMANS/A Quantity:
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Break at Home Geode Package #2

Sold by the set as shown. 
A small wooden display suited to any counter top or display location. This display contains $ 1.50 size Break at Home Geodes. As shown in the picture the geodes vary in size and shape. But what is inside the geode is the main selling point.
Package includes the following items:
50ea. Moroccan Break at Home Geodes @ $1.50ea = $75.00
Break at Home Geode Display Unit = $30.00
50ea Break at Home Geode Info Cards = N/C
Total Package Cost = $ 105.00
*Offset Goods = 5ea $1.50 Break at Home Geodes.
Dimensions 17 1/2"H X 15 1/2"W X 10 1/4"D.

$105.00 BHG/PKG2 Quantity:
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Agate Geode Pots on Wood Base

Sold by the each. 
Polished Agate Geodes Pots that have been fitted to wood bases. These beautiful Extra Quality Geodes range from 1.5" to 5" across. Prices range between $4 to $50 each. These are of museum quality.

$9.00 AGPWB Quantity:
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Arrowhead Pendant

Sold by the each. 
These attractive replica Arrowhead Pendants will be a big hit with your customers. This is a high-quality agate arrowhead attached to a 22" round black leather cord. It has a lanyard clasp that is easy to use. Appropriate for male or female.

$1.75 RAH/AP Quantity:
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Extra Quality Natural Agate Thick Slab on Wood Base

These marvelous natural thick slabs of Brazilian Agate are mounted on their own wood base, polished on one side, and come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

$10.00 ATHS/WB/XN Quantity:
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Agate Geode Cut Base

Priced by the each, sold in flats/boxes of 7 to 11 pieces. 
2 to 5 inches tall. Cut Base Geodes range in cost from $1 to $9 each. REMINDER: Assorted does not always contain every color.

$40.00 AGCB Quantity:
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Polished Agate Geode on Wood Base

Sold by the each. 
Polished Agate Geodes that have been fitted to wood bases. These beautiful Extra Quality Geodes are great accent pieces for any household! Prices range between $16 to $117 each.

$16.00 AGWB Quantity:
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xl agate thick slab- wb.jpg
Extra Large A Grade Natural Agate Thick Slab on Wood Base

These marvelous A-Grade natural thick slabs of Brazilian Agate are mounted on their own wood base, and polished on one side. They vary in size,(small-medium = 5"x 8", large 8" x 12"),and range in price from $20 to $62 each.

$22.00 ATHWB/XL Quantity:
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Agate Thick Slab on Wood Base

Sold by the each. 
3.5 to 7.5 inches tall. Thick slabs on wood range in cost from $5 to $16 each. Available in Blue, Natural, Pink, Purple & Teal.

$5.00 ATHWB Quantity:
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#1 Agate Thin Slices on wood base (10 pcs. per box)

Price is $3.00 each, sold in boxes of 10 each. 
These Agate thin slices measure approximately 2"H X 2"W. They may be ordered in an all Natural 10 pc set,by individual color, or in a colored assortment. Each ASSORTED package MAY contain 2 of each of the following colors:Purple,Pink,Blue,Teal, and Natural. Due to customer request, assorted now may contain more of the best sellers like blue and purple. Assorted might only contain 1 pink or 1 natural. ALL of them are proven sellers.

$30.00 ATS1/WB Quantity:
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agate ch.jpg
Brazilian Agate Candleholder

Sold by the each. 
Available in a variety of colors these agate end cuts have been drilled for holding a tealight/votive candle which allows the candlelight to shine through its crystal face.

$8.00 BACH Quantity:
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occo pots.jpg
Occo Jewelry Box

Sold by the each. 
A very popular item with us are these small spherical geodes which have been polished on the outside and sliced in half to produce a unique crystal filled jewelry box for your favorite pair of earrings or special ring. Available in an inch across to about three inches. Prices range between $3 to $26 each.

$6.00 OJB Quantity:
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#1 Agate Thin Slice (50 pcs. per pkg.)

Price is $1.50 each, sold in bags of 50 pieces. 
#1 Agate Thin Slice
1/8 inch thick by 2" x 2.5" approximate diameter. Size and Shapes of slices vary. Slices may be ordered by color or assorted in 50 pc. packages only.

$75.00 ATS/1 Quantity:
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Agate Products for Display, Gifts and Home Decor

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