Sold by each.  Two smaller sizes available-get them while they last!!!    Limited quantity in larger price ranges $61-$100.
$11.00 size is approximately up to 4 cm and the $16.00 is approximately 4-5 cm.


Your customers will go crazy for these gorgeous polished hearts! Druse (also referred to as drusy or druzy) the name for the fine coating of crystals on a rock’s fracture surface, vein, or inside a geode. Druse occurs worldwide within the voids of such minerals as Chert or Agate. Our Druse Hearts are imported from Brazil.

These beautiful polished Druse Hearts come in a variety of sizes and colors. Each piece is priced by weight and quantities are limited! Sizes are approximately 2.5″ to 5″ across and are available in four price ranges. Shape, size, and thickness will vary from piece to piece.

***As a product of nature each piece will vary in size, color, weight and form***

Polished Amethyst Druse Heart


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