Orthoceras Fossil Plate

Sold by the each. 

Orthoceras are a squid-like Marine Cephalopod
Approx. 350 million years old. These fossils are found in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.
Plates have multiple fossils and are available in 3 price/size ranges.

The approximate sizes are as follows:
OFP/S - $14.00: approx. 5" x 7"
OFP/M - $20.00: approx. from 7" x 9" to 8" x 11" 
OFP/L - $25.00: approx. from 7" x 9" to 8" x 11" - slightly higher quality
**Please note that this is a product of nature. Shape and size WILL vary**

These display perfectly with a DSE6 or DSE7.5 stand.



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Orthoceras Fossil Plate

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