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Dendrite Stones

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Dendrites look like fossils, but they are not the remains of living things. Dendrites are made of dark Manganese minerals, usually that form in a branching pattern. Dendrites are found between the layers of stratified rocks, as in this Utah sandstone, and within bodies of Agate. Dendrites or Moss Agate are very popular gemstones.

Due to the odd shapes and sizes of this item the following is only a guide, not a guarantee.
X-Small runs approx. 2" to 3"
Small runs approx. 3" to 4".
Medium runs approx. 5" to 6".
Large runs approx. 6" to 8".
X-Large runs approx. 8" to 10".
XX-Large runs approx. 10" to 12".



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Dendrite Stones

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