Sold in bags of 10 pieces for $50.00 bag. Extra Quality

What are Grounding/Soothing Stones?

The idea of using rocks for soothing anxiety and stress has been around for many decades, if not centuries. They work to stop anxiety by helping you focus on your senses, distracting you from worries about the past or future, providing a tangible item to focus on, reminding you to practice mindfulness and giving you a comfort item for self-care.

Grounding stones are a great way to practice awareness, the essential element of mindfulness practice. Mindfulness is proven to help with depression symptoms, pain management, and anxiety. MRI studies by Harvard researchers show that mindfulness activities calm the amygdala, which activates during times of stress or worry.

Assorted bags will contain a blend of stones available.

Sizes are approximately 1.25 ” x 1.5″

Soothing Stones

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