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New-limited supply of “Mini Mix Geodes” available in a 10 lb bag for $15.00    BHG/MM
Now available until supply runs out!  Our largest geode priced at $6.00 each is back! (sold in bags of 10 pcs) Get them while you can!
These Break at Home Geodes are sourced out of Morocco. They are large geodes with a beautiful crystalline structure composed of mostly quartz but occasionally you may find some with calcite in the center.
Approximate sizing & packaging:
BHG/50MO: $.50 size: approximately 1.75-2.25″ dia, 100 pcs/bag
BHG/1.00MO: $1.00 size: approximately 2.25-2.75″ dia, 25 pcs/bag
BHG/1.50MO: $1.50 size: approximately 2.75-3.5″ dia, 25 pcs/bag.
BHG/2.50MO: $2.50 size: approximately 3.5-4.25″ dia, 10 pcs/bag.
BHG/3.50MO: $3.50 size: approximately 4.5-5.25″ dia, 10 pcs/bag.

Information cards included.

Please note that as these are products of nature there will occasionally be a solid geode of quartz found.

Moroccan Break At Home Geodes


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