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We currently have 17 styles of Crystal Pendulums (when available). Order individually or an assortment chosen by us. Pendulums are sold individually at $4.00 each.
**Please note that the Citrine Pendulums are not polished.**


Stone types include:

CP/AM: Polished Amethyst
CP/BLD: Polished Bloodstone
CP/CAR: Polished Carnelian
CP/CF: Polished Chinese Fluorite
CP/H: Polished Hematite
CP/L: Polished Lapis

CP/LEP: Lepidolite 
CP/MO: Polished Moonstone
CP/NCT: Rough Citrine

CP/PJ: Polished Picasso Jasper
CP/Q: Polished Clear Quartz
CP/RQ: Polished Rose Quartz

CP/SER: Polished Serpentine

CP/SQ: Polished Smoky Quartz
CP/SO: Polished Snowflake Obsidian
CP/SD: Polished Sodalite
CP/TE: Polished Tiger Eye


Crystal Pendulums


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