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Bulk Iron Pyrite (Sold in 5 LB. Bags)

Price is $4.50 a pound, sold in 5 pound bags 
Unsorted Iron Pyrite Nuggets.
Each piece will range from 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch approximately.
There is approximately 180 to 200 pieces per bag, varies depending on contents.
This is ideal for "Sell by the Bag" product displays.

$22.50 IPY/B Quantity:
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IPY-FHG 2013.jpg
High Grade Iron Pyrite, Faceted

Sold by each. 
High Grade Chispa Grade Iron Pyrite Nuggets from Peru. Chispa is the south american name for iron pyrite, fools gold. Many specimens today are coming from Peru. The specimens from Peru seem to be brighter and tarnish less easily.
Show pieces that will draw in customers. They come in many sizes, see below. If you look at the larger picture you can see some of the different looks they provide.
Click on blue header name above for larger picture 

$3.00 IPY/FHG Quantity: Select Size:
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Iron Pyrite in Limestone Matrix

Sold by each. 
Pyrite from mines at Navajun, LaRioja, Spain are unique in the world both for their perfect cubic symmetry and for the gloss and finish of their surfaces. The old inhabitants of these lands were attracted by these surprising metallic stones that may be found in this part of La Rioja and the neighboring Soria. Proof of this are the archeological findings of the nearby celtiberic city of Contrebia Leucade, in Inestrillas, where pieces inserted in the fine frames of the mosaics have been found. Witches (there are people who talk about the properties of gemotherapy) recommend them to cure throat and stomach aches, and even to attract wealth. Pyrite (whose name comes from the Greek root pyr, fire), also known as fools gold after its misleading yellow gleam, is a sulfide mineral formed under extremely high pressures and temperatures.
Each stone is approximately 1" to 1 1/2" and may contain between 1 to 3 Pyrite Cubes.
Great conversation piece! 

$7.00 IPY/L Quantity: Select Size:
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Iron Pyrite Nuggets

Sold by bag, see below. 
Chispa Grade Iron Pyrite Nuggets from Peru.
3 Sizes available.
50 pieces at .35size, 3/4 inch
50 pieces at .75 size, 1"-1.5" inch.
25 pieces at $1.00 size, 1.5"-2.5"

$17.50 IPY Quantity: Select Stone Size:
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Iron Pyrite Spheres

Sold by the each. 
These spheres have been shaped from high quality pyrite, and range in size from 2" to 3" in diameter. They will range in price from $32.00 to $55.00. Stock on hand is limited to XL spheres.

$32.00 PMIPS Quantity: Select Size:
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Moroccan Mixed Minerals

Sold by the each. 

New Product!! 

Our Moroccan Mixed Minerals is a fantastic lot that contains a combination of Fluorite, Pyrite, and Quartz. Mined in beautiful Morocco, each of these attractive multi-minerals are truly one of a kind!! Each crystal cluster has a unique mix of lovely, faceted, green or lavender fluorite; striking clusters of pyrite; and/or versatile clusters or points of white quartz.

Priced by the pound, these minerals range in size from $1.00 (1"x1") at their smallest to $200.00 (15"x9") at the largest so there is something for everyone from the novice rock hound to the avid specimen collector!!

$5.00 MMM Quantity: Select Size:
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Pyrite Products

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