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Every time we return from our annual buying trip in Brazil we always come back with some beautiful and fun new products. See out New Products Rock page for the latest items. The following items are some of the items selected during our recent buying trip.

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These are just a few of the great products you can purchase inside our online catalog, so come on in!

Trip Highlights - Our Last Trip To Brazil

Every year on our annual buying trip to Brazil we take a day off from our busy schedule to do something fun. This year, accompanied by my father-in law Tony, and our driver Aldo, we visited the largest wine making region in Brazil. After about a 2 hour drive on a cold, rainy September day we arrived in the region and immediately began sampling their wares. The winery pictured here was one of the nicest. As you can see it looked like an old castle and it is known for their fine champagne. All in all, despite the weather, we had a great time! Regards, Jeff Pranchak PPRS

A view of the Brazilian Countryside.



A view of a well they use for irrigation.


Jeff, Tony and Aldo at the Winery.


View of Winery.



Extra Large Moroccan Geode

Sold in a paired set. 
Moroccan Geodes are quickly becoming one of our best selling products. Now you can purchase the best that Morocco has to offer in our Gigantic XL Geodes. Sold as a pair! Each geode is pre-cracked and of the highest quality.
We offer this product in 3 sizes: $35 (approx. 18"-20"dia), $50(approx. 21"-23"dia), and $75(approx. 25"-27"dia). Being a product from nature, the size and shape of these geodes will vary.

$35.00 MG/XL Quantity: Select Size:
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Alabaster Nativity Scene

Cast in beautiful Alabaster rocks, these Nativity Scenes are made in Peru and available for a limited time. The outside of the rock has beautiful patterns of cream and brown. The inside holds a miniature carved nativity scene. Each rock is approximately 3" tall by 2" wide. Exact sizes vary. Get yours today while supplies last.

$7.00 ANS ANS - $7.00
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Hemimorphite Clusters

Sold by the each. 
Hemimorphite, is a sorosilicate mineral which has been mined from days of old from the upper parts of zinc and lead ores, chiefly associated with smithsonite. It was often assumed to be the same mineral and both were classed under the same name of calamine. In the second half of the 18th century it was discovered that there were two different minerals under the heading of calamine - a zinc carbonate and a zinc silicate, which often closely resembled each other. The silicate ended up with the name of Hemimorphite because the hemimorph crystal structures produce a different termination on each end of the crystal.

$2.00 HEMI Quantity: Select Size:
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Carved Mineral Skulls

Sold by the each. 
A limited quantity of these assorted Mineral Skulls are now available. The stones used in these carved pieces will vary and include Hematite, Labradorite, Obsidian, Picasso Jasper, Tree Agate and more. We cannot order by stone type, therefore we cannot pick by stone type for you. We will choose a variety for you.

Most skulls are approximately 1-1/4" in height, about 1-3/4" front to back and approximately 1" across.

$18.00 CMS Quantity:
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Enchodus Jaw Fossil, Medium

Sold by the each. 
This jaw features the fossilized teeth of the Enchodus, a large predatory fish from the Cretaceous period (66-96 million years ago. Given its streamlined body and large sharp teeth, Enchodus was most likely a ferocious fish that struck its prey with lighning-quick attacks. These pieces were sourced from the mines of Khouribga, Morocco.

$30.00 EJF-30
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Black Sphere Stand

Sold by the each. 
NEW PRODUCT!! These large circles are ideally suited for holding larger spheres and stone eggs. These stands are painted black for a background that is complementary to any stone. Available in two sizes: XL is 2" diameter for $1.50 and the XXL is 3" in diameter for $2.00.

$1.50 DSCXL/B Quantity: Choose Size:
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Blue Calcite Chunks

WHILE THEY LAST! Blue Calcite Chunks available only in Small. All other sizes, OUT OF STOCK!  
Calcite is a very common and widespread mineral with highly variable forms and colors. It is found in most geologic settings and environments in one form or another. Calcite is truly one of the best collection type minerals. These Blue Calcite pieces are colorful and beautiful specimens to collect. These were bought in a very small lot, so there is a limited quantity of these beautiful specimens!

Small pieces measure approximately approximately 3"-4" in size and the medium pieces are approximately 6" in size. However, pieces are priced by weight, so sizes may vary.

$4.00 Select Size:
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Geode Spheres_1.jpg
Polished Geode Spheres

Sold by the each. 
These beautiful polished Geode Spheres come in a variety of sizes and colors. Each piece is priced by weight and quantities are limited! Sizes are approximately 3" to 6-1/5" in diameter. The special discounted price will be shown at time of invoicing. GET THESE VERY SPECIAL DISPLAY PIECES TODAY!

$35.00 PMGS Quantity: Select Size:
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Square Fossil Dinner Plate

Sold by the each. 
NEW!!! The new Fossil Dinner Plate is sure to be a conversation starter! Each 12" x 12" square plate is sculpted from Orthoceras and Ammonite fossils in matrix that have been polished smooth. Get it while it's HOT!

$35.00 FDP/SQ Quantity:
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Extra Quality Star Fish Fossil

Sold by the each. 
Brittle stars or ophiuroids are echinoderms and are closely related to the starfish. They crawl across the seafloor using their flexible arms for locomotion. The ophiuroids generally have five long slender, whip-like arms. The ophiuroids diverged in the early Ordivician Period, about 500 million years ago. These fossils were discovered in Morocco. These extra quality stars come in 3 sizes. Small plates have a single, well defined star, medium plates have 2 - 3 stars, and the large have 4 - 5 stars.

$30.00 SFXQ Quantity: Select Size:
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Natural Maraba Amethyst Points

Sold by the each. 
Natural Maraba Amethyst Point with sides unpolished. Maraba Amethyst is mined in Brazil and tends to be lighter and more uniform in color than other forms of amethyst. Price will range from $6.00 TO $18.00 each. Approximate size: 1.5" to 2.5" tall.

$9.00 NMAP Quantity: NMAP - $6.00 - $18.00
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Broken Fossil Stone

Sold in 10 LB. bags. 
Broken Fossil Stone is a collection of various types of fossils, generally in a matrix. We do so much volume on fossils that we do end up with broken pieces from time to time! These are great for science classes or just right for the new amateur rock collector starting their specimen collection!

$40.00 BFS Quantity: BFS - $40.00
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Fossil Dinner Plate

Sold by the each. 
NEW!!! These new Fossil Dinner Plates are sure to be a conversation starter! They are available in small (12") for $35.00 and Large (14") for $40.00 across and come in Black or Brown. These attractive plates are sculpted from Orthoceras and Ammonite fossils in matrix that have been polished smooth. Very limited supply, so order while they last!!!

$35.00 FDP Quantity: Select Size:
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Lapis Polished Free Forms

Sold by the each. 
Lapis Lazuli, also known as Lazurite. Our free form scluptures have a cut base. Ours is the highest quality from Afganistan, called "Miners Grade". The name lapis comes from word pencil in Spanish. Lapis lazuli is a semiprecious stone valued for its deep blue color. It is the source of the pigment ultramarine, Lapis lazuli is not a mineral but a rock colored by lazurite.

$18.00 LAPIS Quantity: Select Size:
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Black Rainbow Carbide_1.jpg
Black Rainbow Carbide

Sold by the piece, priced by weight. 

This naturally dramatic mineral is extremely rare and is also known as Moissanite. Silicon Carbide has many industrial uses. Rainbow-like carborundum crystals make interesting specimens and are caused by a layer of silicon dioxide that forms on the surface. Carborundum is known to be a master healer that shines light in all areas of your life and connects to all chakras, purifies mind, body and spirit.

$18.00 BRC Quantity: Select Size:
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Super Mini Sparkle Quartz Tumbled Stone

Price is $4.50 pound, sold in 11 pound(5 kilogram) bags. 
This 1/4" - 1/2" Super Mini Sparkle Quartz Tumbled Stone Mix from Brazil is good for mining pan operations and craft projects.

$49.50 TSSQ/SM Quantity:
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Window Lepidolite

Lepidolite is a lilac-gray to rose-colored member of the mica group. Known as a stone of transition, Lepidolite helps to shift and restructure old energy patterns, bringing light and hope to a situation. This variation has a clear white window of Lepidolite within the purple Lepidolite. This rare beauty will be a wonderful addition to your collection!

$4.00 LEPW Quantity: Select Size:
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Oval Fossil Dish

Sold by the each. 
These attractive serving dishes are sculpted from Orthoceras and Goniatite fossils in matrix that have been polished smooth into an attractive oval shape. Measures 9"L x 7"H approximately.

$14.00 OFD Quantity:
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Polished Onyx Bowl

Sold by the each. 
NEW!!! These decoratively carved bowls are made from beautiful golden Onyx. They are available in small (8"-10") for $65.00 and large (12"-14") for $75.00. You won't want to miss out on this treasure. It is a perfect accent for any home or office!

$65.00 PMOB Quantity: Select Size:
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Amethyst Flowers on Wood Base

Sold by the each. 
New Product!!!! Amethyst Flowers are a rare find for the avid collector. They only come from one small part of Brazil. These specimens are buried deep within a layer of basalt. They are carefully and cautiously worked with small hand instruments until the basalt and other matrix minerals are removed. After this slow process is complete a beautiful and awe inspiring Amethyst Flower remains. Although these are all technically Amethyst Flowers, many of these pieces predominately demonstrate other minerals such as calcite and quartz. These intricate specimens are sure to sell out!!

$40.00 AMYFL Quantity: Select Size:
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Rainbow Geode Box

Sold as a package. 
New Product!!!! These are sure to be a crowd pleaser. These brightly colored geodes come in there own custom display box. When touched by light, these beauties sparkle with color and brilliance! Purchased by the box with 32 geodes priced at $1.50 each, equaling $48.00. Sizes vary from approximately 2" to 3".

$48.00 RGB Quantity: RGB - $48.00
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Pink Amethyst on Wood Base

Sold by the each. 
New Product!! Pink Amethyst Clusters with custom made wood base. Pink Amethyst (which is actually lavender to light pink in color) is one of the rarest forms of amethyst in the world! This will be a fantastic addition to anyone's home or office. The stunning beauty of these specimens sell themselves! Comes in 4 price ranges. Supplies are EXTREMELY limited so get it while it lasts.

$40.00 PAMYWB Quantity: Select Size:
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