Fluorite Products - Wands, Spheres, Pendants

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Chinese Fluorite Massage Wands

Sold by the each. 
These tri-color Fluorite Massage Wands are as beautiful as they are singular. Now available in two sizes, the $4.00 wands are approximately 2-1/4" in length and just over 1/2" in thickness. The larger, $7.00 wands are approximately 2-1/2" in length and nearly an inch in thickness.

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Chinese Fluorite Curved Massage Wand

Sold by the each. 
A very popular addition to our selection of massage wands, these natural, multi-colored, ergonomically designed wands are as easy on the hands as they are on the rest of the body! We now carry 2 sizes! Large is 3.5" long and Small is 2.5".

$9.00 PMWC/CF Quantity: Select Size:
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Chinese Fluorite Sphere

Sold by the each. 
Beautiful Chinese Fluorite Spheres, priced by weight. Average size 25-50mm. Purple, green and white banding.

$5.00 PMCFS Quantity: PMCFS - $2.00-$8.00
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Fluorite Products - Wands, Spheres, Pendants

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