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Polished Fossil Matrix Spiral

Sold by each. 

A fantastic piece for mantle or end table! These beautifully polished spirals were carved out of fossil matrix from Morocco. Various different fossils including Orthoceras can be seen swimming around in the matrix! 

$65.00 FMS Quantity: FMS $65.00 each
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Extra Large Moroccan Geode Fragments

Sold by each. While supplies last.   NEW PRODUCT!!!

Moroccan Geodes are one of our best selling products. Unfortunately, these giant beauties break sometimes. There's no point in letting such spectacular specimens go to waste so we are selling these halves and fragments! They are priced at $3.25 per pound.

These geodes are available only while supplies last (Sorry, no backorders).
They come in 5 price ranges:
Extra Small (MG/H/XS): $3.00 - $9.00
Small (MG/H/S): $10.00 - $19.00
Medium (MG/H/M): $20.00 - $29.00
Large (MG/H/L): $30.00 - $39.00
Extra Large (MG/H/XL): $40.00 - $50.00

$5.00 MG/H Quantity: Select Size:
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Gamal Root Candleholder

Sold by each. 

Our new Gamal Roots Candleholders are as beautiful and intricate as they are unique.  The Gamal Tree grows all over the islands of Indonesia.  These particular roots are from the eastern side of Bali.  Each root is cut, cleaned, and kiln dried.  An Indonesian artisan then hand blows and fires the glass tea light holder to perfectly form to each root.  Each piece is a completely unique piece of art!  These pieces vary in size from 5" - 10" in length and in width and 3" - 5" tall.  *Being a product from nature, the size and shape will vary.*

$25.00 GRCH Quantity: GRCH: $25.00
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Red Hematoid Pebbles

Sold by each. 

Red Hematoid whose proper name is Ferruginous Quartz, is Quartz that contains a heavy concentration of Hematite and/or Limonite. This concentration will generally appear as dense dustings and/or stains on the outside of the Quartz or colorful inclusions within the crystal. The combination of Quartz and Hematite balances the body, mind and spirit. It brings a unique clarity and understanding to the emotions.

Red Hematoid Pebbles are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Rubbing your fingers across the stone can promote calm if you are feeling stressed. Prices range from $3.00 to $20.00 each. Sizes range from 1.5" to 2.5" in length for the small and 2.5" to 3" in length for the large.

$3.00 RHP Quantity: Select Size:
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Polished Rose Quartz Double Terminated Crystal

Sold by each. 

A new addition to our line of Double Terminated Points. Sizes range from approximately 1" to 2" long. A very popular item so get them while you can!

$4.00 PMRQDT Quantity:
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Polished Prasiolite Double Terminated Crystal

Sold by each. 

A new addition to our line of Double Terminated Points. Sizes range from approximately 1" to 2.5" long. A very popular item so get them while you can!

Prasiolite is a yellowish green to green material that is produced when Amethyst is heated or irradiated. Most consumers are not familiar with Prasiolite, and for that reason it is often not seen!

It is a stone that encourages spiritual and personal growth. Fosters love and compassion and helps with deepening your connection with Mother Earth.




$10.00 PMPRDT Quantity:
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Smoky Quartz Obelisk

Sold by each. NEW ITEM!!!

Polished Smoky Quartz Obelisk. These A-B Grade beauties are available in 2 price ranges. They are light in color. 

***As these are products of nature shape, size and color will vary.***

$5.00 PMSQO Quantity: Select Size:
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Selenite Dish

New Product!!!  Sold by the each.

A great new addition to our Selenite products. This Selenite dish measures approximately 4" - 4.5" across and 1.25" deep. Another great addition to your Selenite collection!


$12.50 SELD Quantity: SELD $12.50
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Polished AA-Grade Natural Citrine

Polished Citrine Crystal Point, AA Grade.  NEW PRODUCT!!!  Only one in stock

This Citrine in naturally formed, not irradiated (heated to speed the natural process).
We happened upon an ultra-rare find: Naturally formed Citrine!! While it is made from quartz (the most common type of mineral), it is quite rare to find in its natural form. Citrine has a beautiful yellow color which can vary from a light or pale yellow to a yellowish orange. Citrine is believed to help the heart, kidney, digestive tract, liver, and muscles by the metaphysical community.
This one of a kind piece mounted on a metal stand measures approximately 14” tall x 7.75” wide. (light behind specimen is not included).

$4,250.00 SPEC/AA/CIT Quantity: SPEC/AA/CIT: $4250.00
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Rough Albite With Black Tourmaline

Rough Albite with Black Tourmaline       NEW PRODUCT!!!   Only one in stock

 This beautiful one of a kind display piece is mounted on a metal rotating stand and measures approximately 15” tall x 12” wide. Albite is a helpful crystal to use as it stimulates the brain, which can enhance your memory and boost you mentally. It has a number of useful effects within the crown chakra and the brain, including helping you to think more clearly and logically. Black Tourmaline is an excellent crystal for everyone because it's the bodyguard stone that provides protection and elimination of negative energy.

$565.00 SPEC/AA/ABT Quantity: SPEC/AA/ABT $565.00
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Quartz Cluster, Extra Large

Extra Large Quartz Cluster       NEW PRODUCT!!!   Only one in stock

 This extra large piece of Quartz measures approximately 19” tall x 22” wide. 

Did you know...

Quartz was the mineral upon which the Stone Ages were based? With few exceptions, most early stone tools were fashioned of quartz. Outcrops of quartz that were suitable for tool manufacturing were targeted by some of the earliest known mining activities and the mined quartz was traded across vast distances, even before humans began to establish agricultural societies!


$900.00 SPEC/AA/QCLXL Quantity: SPEC/AA/QCLXL $900.00
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Polished Assorted Free Forms

Sold by each. One-time only!!! No backorders.

These stunning, polished free form pieces range in sizes of approximately 2" - 3.5" tall x  up to 1.75" tall. Sorry, specific selections cannot be made for stone types. Prices range from $11 to $20 each.

These are free form polished pieces and are priced by weight so the size and shape will vary.

$11.00 PMAFF Quantity:
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Polished Jaspers

Polished Jaspers    NEW PRODUCT!!!  Only one in stock of each kind
 Ibis jasper comes from Madagascar and holds special energy. Similar to polychrome jasper, ibis jasper is gorgeous and carries great magic with it. These stones have incredible inclusions and veins of druzy calcite and quartz. The patterns and striations are just mesmerizing. Meditate with this tumbled ibis jasper to help you ground and center yourself, and to help you refine your mental processes and work through intricate thoughts. This piece measures approximately 10.5" tall x 5.5" wide.

  Ocean Jasper is a trade name for a multicolored stone from Madagascar, typically with spherical patterning. Although commonly described as an orbicular jasper, the most recent research suggests it is the mineral chalcedony instead. Some pieces have agate banding or druses of clear quartz, a coating of tiny crystals, known more commonly as “druzy”. This piece measures approximately 7.5" tall x 7.5" wide.

 Spirit Jasper is one of the most beautiful varieties of jasper. The gentle pastel shades of spirit jasper swirl over the stone’s surface, creating intriguing patterns that draw the eye in. Gaps in these patterns reveal a surprising depth to the stone. With beauty such as this, it’s hard not to tap into the romantic, whimsical side of yourself while peering at your spirit jasper stone. This piece measures approximately 10.0" tall x 4.0" wide.

$119.00 SPEC/AA/JASP Quantity: Select One:
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Citrine Geode on Wood Base

Citrine Geode on Wood Base   NEW PRODUCT!!!   Only one in stock

This beautiful Citrine Geode Specimen is from Brazil and has been heat treated to achieve it's beautiful color. With beautiful crystals and wonderful formations, this Citrine Geode not only makes a beautiful display piece, but can also infuse your space with powerful healing energy. Powered by the Sun, Citrine warms, cleanses, and energizes.

This piece measures approximately 12.0" tall x 16.0" wide and about 11.0" deep.


$320.00 SPEC/AA/CITGWB Quantity: SPEC/AA/CITGWB $320.00
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Special Polished Quartz Points

Special Quartz Points   NEW PRODUCT!!!   Only one in stock at each price

Polished Tourmalated Quartz Point w/Green Tourmaline at $287.00. This beauty has strands of Green Tourmaline floating throughout it! Green Tourmaline is perhaps Nature's best healing crystal of the physical heart. This piece measures approximately 8" H x 4" W. Tourmalated Quartz can help bring balance to the Yin and Yang energies, and is often used as a good luck charm. 

Polished Included Phantom Quartz Crystal Points are beautiful Quartz points with various mineral inclusions. As you look inside a Phantom Crystal you can see the ghost of additional crystals inside.These Phantoms are caused by a layer of dust settling on the crystal during the formation process and then the crystal continues to grow. Every piece has a personality of it's own!

The $425.00 piece measures approximately 9" H x 4.5" W.

The $131.00 piece measures approximately 6.75 H x 3" W

The $388.00 piece measures approximately 7.5" H x 4.5" W 

$131.00 SPEC/AA/QTZ Quantity: Select Piece:
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Quartz Cluster with Calcite (Fluorescent)

Quartz Cluster with Calcite (Fluorescent)  NEW PRODUCT!!!   Only one in stock

 This beautiful one of a kind display piece is unique in that it glows when exposed to an ultraviolet light and measures approximately 12.5” tall x 13.5” wide. 

Certain electrons in the mineral absorb the energy from the UV light and jump to a higher energy state. The fluorescent light is emitted when those electrons drop down to a lower energy state and emit a light of their own. The visible light emitted after being activated by the UV light is sometimes very colorful and can often be very different from the normal color of the mineral. Fluorescence can be used to find certain mineral deposits and is a viable prospecting technique!


$337.00 SPEC/AA/QTZCAL Quantity: SPEC/AA/QTZCAL $337.00
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