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Pikes Peak Rock Shop supplies products to Retailers only, with a minimum of $150 per U.S. order and $350 per international order.

Polished Smoky Quartz Points

Sold by each. 

Smoky Quartz is a grey, translucent variety of quartz. It ranges in clarity from almost complete transparency to a brownish-gray crystal that is almost opaque. Some can also be black. The smoky color results from free silicon, formed from the silicon dioxide by natural irradiation. This Smoky Quartz is polished on all sides and has a cut base so you can display this prize anywhere!

These points come in 6 price ranges (measured HxW):
X-Small: $5-$15 (from approx. 2"x1")
Small: $16-$30 (from approx. 3"x1.25")
Medium: $31-$45 (from approx. 3.25"x1.5")
Large: $46-$65 (from approx. 3.5"x2")
X-Large: $66-$85 (from approx. 4.5"x2")
XX-Large: $86-$120 (from approx. 5"x3")

This product is priced by weight so size and shape will vary.

$5.00 PMSQ Quantity: Select Size:
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Smoky Quartz, Freshwater Pearl, Quartz Bracelet or Necklace

Sold by each. (To be discontinued when sold out) 

These Natural Gemstone bracelets are sure to be a big hit everywhere! They have no cheap plastic or glass fillers, just real semiprecious stones and fresh water pearls.
The bracelets have a magnetic clasp and the matching necklaces have an extender which can change its length from 18" to 20".
The necklace costs $5.00 each and both items come on hang tags.
Imported from China.

$3.00 NGB6 Quantity: Select Item: (only Necklaces currently available)
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Gold or Silver Plated Rough Crystal Point Pendant

Sold by each. 

These gold or silver plated pendants come in a selection of four different semi-precious rough crystal points: Amethyst, Citrine, and Quartz points mounted with a cap setting.
Approximately 1"L X .5"W. Comes with 18" gold or silver plated chain.

$3.25 G03 Quantity: Select Stone and Plate Style:
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Crystal Pendulums

Sold by each.

We currently have 11 styles of Crystal Pendulums. Order individually or an assortment chosen by us. Pendulums are sold individually at $3.50 each.
**Please note that the Citrine Pendulums are not polished.**

Stone types include:
CP/AM: Polished Amethyst
CP/BLD: Polished Bloodstone
CP/CAR: Polished Carnelian
CP/H: Polished Hematite
CP/MO: Polished Moonstone
CP/NCT: Rough Citrine
CP/Q: Polished Clear Quartz
CP/RQ: Polished Rose Quartz
CP/SQ: Polished Smoky Quartz
CP/SD: Polished Sodalite
CP/TE: Polished Tiger Eye
CP/TQ: Polished Tourmalated Quartz (limited time only)

$3.50 CP Quantity: Select Stone Type:
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Smoky Quartz Point with Natural Sides

Sold by each.

The popularity of the Smoky Quartz Crystal is due not only to its gorgeous look, but also to its affordability and the energy it provides. Grounding in an uplifting kind of way, the Smoky Quartz also provides a subtle energy of protection and balance.
Approximate size: 2" to 3.5" tall.

$3.00 PMNS/SQ Quantity: Select Size:
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Smoky Quartz Tumbled Stone

Price is $10.00 per pound, sold in 2.5 pound bags. 

Smoky Quartz Tumbled Stone is available in two sizes. Order in 2.5 lb. increments. Example 1 bag equals 2.5 lbs.

Medium stones are approx 3/4". Large stones are approx. 1".

$25.00 TSSQ Quantity: Select Size:
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Smoky Quartz Clusters

Sold by each. 

The popularity of the Smoky Quartz Crystal is due not only to its gorgeous look, but also to its affordability and the energy it provides. Grounding in an uplifting kind of way, the Smoky Quartz also provides a subtle energy of protection and balance.

$8.00 SQCL Quantity: Select Size:
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Assorted Quartz Free Forms

Sold by each. 

These stunning Polished Free Form pieces of Quartz are sure to be an eye catcher in anyone's office or home. Our Quartz Free Forms are available in 4 variations as well as assorted: Clear Quartz, Included Quartz, Rose Quartz, and Smoky Quartz.
Bought in a very limited quantity, these will be sure to sell quickly (Sorry, no backorders)! This product is priced by weight and available in 7 price ranges.
Approximate sizing is as follows:

PMQFF/XXS: $8-$15 - Starts at 2.5" tall
PMQFF/XS: $16-$30 - Starts at 3" tall
PMQFF/S: $31-$50 - Starts at 3.5" tall
PMQFF/M: $51-$70 - Starts at 4" tall
PMQFF/L: $71-$90 - Starts at 4.5" tall
PMQFF/XL: $91-$125 - Starts at 5" tall
PMQFF/XXL: $126-$175 - Starts at 7" tall

*Please note that this is a product from nature and priced by weight. Shape and size WILL vary*

$10.00 PMQFF Quantity: Select Size:
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Elestial (Alligator) Quartz Crystals

NEW!!!! Sold by each. 

Elestial (or Alligator) Quartz crystals feature an attractive Elestial Growth Formation. They are called Alligator Quartz in Brazil because of its resemblance to the bumps on the back of a crocodile or alligator. Elestial crystals are mostly smoky in color, and are recognized by multiple terminations, all facing in the same direction and appearing to have melted into each other. These specimens are unique and are very difficult to find.

Available in 7 size ranges from smallest (XX-Small, approx. 3"L x 1.5"W x 1"H), to Mid-range (Medium, approx. 7"L x 5"W x 3"H), to largest (XX-Large, approx. 11"L x 8"W x 4"H).
This product is priced by weight, so the size and shape of the crystal will vary.

$5.00 EQC Quantity: Select Size: (1 pc left in stock)
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Smoky Quartz Products

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