Polished Minerals

We are a Wholesaler selling to businesses only.
No retail orders accepted from the general public.

Pikes Peak Rock Shop supplies products to Retailers only, with a minimum of $150 per U.S. order and $350 per international order.

Brazilian Agate Obelisk

Sold by each.   SALE ON BLUE OBELISKS ONLY-  $22.00 to $50.00  SAVE 15% !!

Polished Brazilian Agate Obelisk.
Available in Blue, Purple, Pink, Natural, Red, Green/Teal, and Black Agate. Not all colors are always available.
Prices ranges from $6.00 to $30.00 each. Average size 4" to 6" tall. **Now available in X-Large size from $41 to $80!! This size is available in assorted colors only.**

*Please note that this is a product of nature and priced by weight. Shape and size will vary.*

**PLEASE NOTE!!**  This product is dyed with a mineral based dye.  As with most artificially colored items, if this product is used or left in a wet environment, it may cause the dye to bleed from the stone.  Pikes Peak Rock Shop will not be responsible for damage caused by using this product in a wet or damp environment.

$6.00 PMBAO Quantity: Select Color & Size:
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Brazilian Agate Pyramid

Sold by each. 
Beautiful pyramids from Brazilian Agate.

The small start at approximately 1.5" and range from $3.00 - $10.00.

The medium start at approximately 2" and range from $11.00 - $17.00

The large start at approximately 2.25" and range from $18.00 - $32.00.

Available in Red, Blue, Green, Black, Pink, Natural, and Purple.

**PLEASE NOTE!!**  This product is dyed with a mineral based dye.  As with most artificially colored items, if this product is used or left in a wet environment, it may cause the dye to bleed from the stone.  Pikes Peak Rock Shop will not be responsible for damage caused by using this product in a wet or damp environment.

$5.00 PMBAP Quantity: Select Color and Size:
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Crystal Pendulums


Sold by each.

We currently have 17 styles of Crystal Pendulums (when available). Order individually or an assortment chosen by us. Pendulums are sold individually at $4.00 each. 
**Please note that the Citrine Pendulums are not polished.**

We use multiple suppliers so not all pendulums come with jump rings but can be wrapped around our display fixture. 

Stone types include:
CP/AM: Polished Amethyst
CP/BLD: Polished Bloodstone
CP/CAR: Polished Carnelian
CP/CF: Polished Chinese Fluorite
CP/H: Polished Hematite
CP/L: Polished Lapis

CP/LEP: Lepidolite 
CP/MO: Polished Moonstone
CP/NCT: Rough Citrine

CP/PJ: Polished Picasso Jasper 
CP/Q: Polished Clear Quartz
CP/RQ: Polished Rose Quartz

CP/SER: Polished Serpentine 

CP/SQ: Polished Smoky Quartz
CP/SO: Polished Snowflake Obsidian
CP/SD: Polished Sodalite
CP/TE: Polished Tiger Eye



$4.00 CP Quantity: Select Stone Type:
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Polished Included Quartz Crystal Point

Sold by each. 

Included Quartz Crystals are beautiful Clear Quartz points with various mineral inclusions. These eye catching crystals have inclusions that vary from bright white to deep red to raven black. Every piece has a personality of it's own!
Available in price ranges from $2.00 (1.25"H x .5"W x .5"D) to $100.00 (4"H x 3.75"W x 2.75"D) each.
Priced by weight so sizes and shapes will vary.

$10.00 PMIC Quantity: Select Size:
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Labradorite w/Cut Base, One Side Polished

Sold by each. 

Labradorite is truly a fascinating mineral. Its a mineral whose charm is not fully noticed and may be overlooked if not viewed from the proper position. It may be considered a dull, dark looking mineral with no special virtue until the colorful schiller is observed glowing on the surface. Labradorite can produce a colorful play of light across cleavage planes and in sliced sections called labradorescence. The usually intense colors range from the typical blues and violets through greens, yellows and oranges. Some rare specimens display all these colors simultaneously. Our labradorite is of the highest quality mined in Madagascar. Labradorite is said to provide clarity, attract success and aid in the use and interpretation of dreams.

Approximate sizes are as listed below:
Xtra Small - Sized 2"-3" high.
Small - Sized 2.5"-4.5" high.
Medium - Sized 3.5"-5.5" high.
Large - Sized 4.5"-6.5" high.
Extra Large - Sized 5.5" - 7.5" high.
XX Large - Sized 6.5" high and up.

**Please note this is a product of nature and priced by weight.  Shape and size WILL vary.**

$8.00 LABCB Quantity: Select Size:
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Polished Stone Hearts

Sold by each. 

Four new additions to the list! Rainbow Stone, Aura Quartz, Aura Rose Quartz (These hearts have been treated to make them shimmer and shine!) and Blue Howlite.

One of our all time best sellers; these wonderful polished, semi-precious stone hearts sell great in anyone's store.


We may substitute hearts where appropriate.

Due to the ever increasing cost of this particular product and our promise to keep your cost as low as possible, we have begun carrying our Hearts in slightly different style.
For now some of the less expensive minerals are still available in the "puffy" style while the higher cost stones are polished flatter. Below the new sizing is listed.

The "puffy" hearts measure approximately 1.5"L x 1.5"W x 75"H x and the "flat" hearts measure approximately 1.75"L x 1.75"W x .25"H.
WHEN AVAILABLE ONLY!!!   We got in some Orange & White Selenite Hearts that were larger than normal. You can get them while supplies last for $4.00 each. Approximate size of these Hearts is 2"L x 1"W x 2"H.  We also have Small Selenite Hearts for $2.75 that measure approximately 1.5"L x .75"W x 1.25"H.  Please see drop-down menu.

Made in China.
**PLEASE NOTE!!**  The Rose Agate, Robins Egg, and Twighlite Polished Stone Hearts are dyed with a mineral based dye.  As with most artificially colored items, if this product is used or left in a wet environment, it may cause the dye to bleed from the stone.  Pikes Peak Rock Shop will not be responsible for damage caused by using this product in a wet or damp environment.

$3.50 PH Quantity: Select Stone Type:
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Polished Angel

Sold by each. 

This distinctive small carved figurines are now available in Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, and Rose Quartz. They stand 1" tall and are very appealing to almost everyone. Make stone selection below.

NEW STYLE!!!  Angel Aura Rose Quartz standing at 1.5" tall.


$4.00 PMA Quantity: Select Stone Type:
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Pol. Mineral Display, edited.jpg
Polished Mineral Countertop Display Package

Another entry for us in the display area. This clear plexiglass case has a mirror back on it which really reflects and highlights the polished minerals inside. The display contains $320.00 worth of assorted Crystals, Pyramids, Massage Wands, Obelisks, Polished Stone Hearts, and Spheres in a wide range of minerals. Perfect for counter-tops or jewelry counters, it has three shelves, is lockable, and measures 16.5" High X 16.25" Wide X 7" Deep. Cost of display case is offset with $47.50 worth of free merchandise. Display case alone is $175.00 and can be ordered using drop down box below.

$495.00 PM/PKG Quantity: Select Option:
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Polished Quartz Point, A/B Grade

Sold by each. 

Polished Quartz Crystal Point, A/B Grade.
We now offer 2 different grades in our Polished Quartz Points. See also PMQC/A
**Please remember that this is a product from nature and is priced by weight so size and shape will vary.

$2.00 PMQC/AB Quantity: Select Size:
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Polished Polychromatic Jasper Free Form

Sold by each. 

The name jasper means "spotted or speckled stone", and is derived from the Greek: iaspis. Polychromatic Jasper is a beautiful multi-colored stone that was discovered in Madagascar in 2006. It is a silicon dioxide most likely formed during the cooling phase of volcanic action. This Jasper took on its unique coloring due to the mineral content of the original sediments or ash. Each piece is hand-selected for its coloration and quality.
Metaphysical uses of Jasper: Increases expression of love in words and actions, gently brings into focus the positive aspects of one's life, brings relaxation and cooperation to the home or workplace.

Below is the approximate sizing. Being a product of nature, size and shape will vary.
PCJ/XS: 3" X 2"
PCJ/S: 5" X 2.5"
PCJ/M: 7" X 3"
PCJ/L: 8" X 4"
PCJ/XL: 9" X 4.5"

$10.00 PMPCJ Quantity: Select Size:
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Rose Quartz Massage Wands

Sold by the each. 

Rose Quartz is a type of quartz which exhibits a pale pink to rose red hue. Rose Quartz is often called the "Love Stone." It's energetic hallmark is that of unconditional love that opens up the heart chakra. This makes Rose Quartz a stone for love in all it's forms: self-love, family, platonic, romantic, and unconditional.
Approximately 2" to 4" in length, this marvelous stone has been used by many to heal a variety of ailments. Prices range from $2 to $15.

$2.00 PMRQW Quantity: Select Size:
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Twisted Selenite Massage Wand

Sold by the each. 

Twisted Selenite Wands are another addition to our growing collection of natural stone items. Our Wands come from Morocco. The Twisted Selenite Wands come in 2 sizes. The Small measures approximately 3"-4" long. The Large measures approximately 5"-6" long. This Selenite Massage Wand has been polished all over but has a spiral groove running around it.

Notice-different lots of this item vary so there can be a curved tip or a pointed tip included for this style in the large size.

Because of the Selenite fibers this item is not recommended for children under 12.

$5.00 TSMW Quantity: Select Size:
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Natural Quartz Points

Sold by each. 
These Quartz Crystal Points are naturally beautiful! Each piece is natural as it would be found in nature.

This product is priced at $15.00/LB and is available in 5 price ranges:
NQP/XS: $15 - $30
NQP/S: $31 - $45
NQP/M: $46 - $60
NQP/L: $61 - $85
NQP/XL: $86 - $110

*Please note that this is a product from nature and priced by weight. Shape and size WILL vary*

$20.00 NQP Quantity: Select Size:
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Smoky Quartz Point with Natural Sides

Sold by each.

The popularity of the Smoky Quartz Crystal is due not only to its gorgeous look, but also to its affordability and the energy it provides. Grounding in an uplifting kind of way, the Smoky Quartz also provides a subtle energy of protection and balance.
Approximate size: 2" to 3.5" tall.

$5.00 PMNS/SQ Quantity: Select Size:
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Polished Geode Sphere

Sold by each.  Stand not included.

These beautiful polished Geode Spheres or half-spheres come in a variety of sizes and colors. Each piece is priced by weight and quantities are VERY limited! Sizes are approximately 1.5" to 6.5" in diameter, with the 1.5" being in the $25.00 range. GET THESE VERY SPECIAL DISPLAY PIECES TODAY!

$25.00 PMGS Quantity: Select Size:
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Polished Green Opal Points

Sold by each. NEW PRODUCT! Available in points or pebbles

Green Opal deposits in Madagascar are a relatively new find. They have a lovely apple green coloring and can include Iron dendrites (brown/reddish brown), Manganese dendrites (black), white Calcite inclusions, or small vugs (AKA 'crystal cave inclusions'). There are a few small organic spots here and there from formations that were close to the surface as the stone was shaped and polished. ALL  inclusions/formations present are 100% natural parts of the stone.

Prices range from $2.00 to $17.00 each.  Sizes vary but can range from 1.5" to 4.0" in height.

$2.00 PMGOP Quantity: Select Size:
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