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Beige Earring Card-1.JPG
Beige Earring Card

Sold in bags of 100 each at $.05ea. 
We have a quantity of these Beige Earring Card that we are offering for sale. Card is made so it will hang on most jewelry displays. We are also offering a quantity discount. If you buy a 1,000 we will drop the price to $.04ea.

$5.00 BEC Quantity:
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Box 15 Sterling Silver Chain, 18"

Sold by the each. 
Back in stock!!! Box 15 Sterling Silver Chain from Italy. Each chain is 18 inches long. With the price of silver still going up, these are a good value. Will look nice with our Sterling Silver jewelry items.
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$6.50 Box15-18" Quantity:
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Mini Natural Quartz Points

Sold in 1/2LB bags @ $16.00 per bag. 
These new Mini Natural Quartz points are perfect for any jewelry applications. Great for wire wrapping! 1/2LB bag contains 3/4"-2" pieces, approx. 120-150 pcs. per bag.

$16.00 MNQP Quantity:
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Gold or Silver Plated Black Tourmaline Crystal Pendant

Sold by the each. 
These small pendants each contain a natural Black Tourmaline crystal point mounted from the top with a gold plate cap. Approximately 1"L X 1/4"W. Comes with 18" gold plated chain. Now available in Silver plate with matching 18" chain.

$3.25 G12 Quantity:
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Pendant Jewelry Display

Sold by the each. 
This Pendant Jewelry Display has hooks at top to hang your pendants.
Display is approximately 18" tall and 8" wide at base. This display holds approx. 48 pendants or chains.

$50.00 DSR18 Quantity:
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ssp pkg2.jpg
Spirit Stone Pendant Display Package

These unique pendants are designed after one of our best selling products. Nature's Spirit Stones are created by carving a variety of animal totem images and selected symbols into gemstones to unite the healing properties of the stones, with the inherent power of these symbols. Stones measure approximately 1" inches across. The necklace is 18" long. Due to nature of product, requests for specific stones types, i.e., rose quartz, sodalite, cannot be honored. The package comes with a plastic necklace display perfect for counter tops. Comes with 60 assorted necklaces, display stand and header card and 7 extra necklaces to offset the cost of the display.

$166.00 SSP/PKG Quantity:
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SMNG-2013 REJ.jpg
Super Mini Natural Geodes

Sold in 25 piece bags. 
These A Grade Super Mini Geodes are perfect for making jewelry. Each face is cut and polished! The average size is 1/2" to 3/4" inches. They come in packages of 25, regularly priced @ $0.50 per piece. ON SALE FOR $0.25 PER PIECE

$6.25 SMNG Quantity:
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carved gemstone horse.jpg
Carved stone necklace - Horse

Sold by the each. 
Carved stone figurine necklace from China. 24 inch cord. Stones used in carvings will vary and include these types: Tigers Eye, Unakite, Rhodonite, Picture Jasper, Goldstone, Sodalite, Fluorite, Howlite, Rainbow Jasper, Hematite,and Imitation Turquoise. We cannot order by stone type, therefore we cannot pick by stone type for you. We will choose a variety for you.

$3.25 GNHS Quantity:
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Onyx Arrowhead Pendant (100 pcs. per pkg.)

Price is $.35 each, sold in bags of 100 pieces. 
Arrowhead Pendant with loop. Made from Mexican Onyx. Stone color will vary. String on our gold plated chain (GPC) or on silk cord.

$35.00 OAP Quantity:
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Amethyst Druze For Pendants (10 pcs. per pk)

Sold by the each. 
10 pieces per pack. These amethyst pieces are perfect for a variety of crafts including making beautiful one of a kind pendants. Each piece has a polished flat back for easy use the craft of your choice. Small pieces range in size from approximately 3/8" to 1/2" and cost $2.50 each. Large pieces range in size from approximately 1/2" to 1 1/4" and cost $2.50 each.

$22.00 AMDFP Quantity:
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Amethyst Points For Pendants (10 pcs. per pk.)

Sold by the each. 
10 pieces in a pack. These amethyst pieces are perfect for a variety of crafts including making beautiful one of a kind pendants. Each piece has a polished flat back creating a clean finish and is ready to use with the craft of your choice. Pieces range in size from approximately 1/2" to 3/4" across and cost $1.50 each.

$15.00 AMPFP Quantity:
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Arrowhead Pendant

Sold by the each. 
These attractive replica Arrowhead Pendants will be a big hit with your customers. This is a high-quality agate arrowhead attached to a 22" round black leather cord. It has a lanyard clasp that is easy to use. Appropriate for male or female.

$1.75 RAH/AP Quantity:
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Ammonite Pendant

These stunning ammonite pendants are new to our jewelry line. The single Ammonite fossil from Madagascar has nickel plated trim, and each pendant comes with an 18" silver plated chain.

$9.00 AP Quantity:
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Sharks Tooth Pendant (10 pcs. per pkg.)

Sold by the package of 10 each @ $1.50 each. 
These attractive Sharks Tooth Pendant will be a big hit with your customers. They are wire wrapped to make a loop. Does not come with chain.

$15.00 STP Quantity:
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Drilled Agate Slices (100 pcs. per pkg.)

Sold in bags of 100each 

These drilled agate slices are drilled with a 3mm hole in one end. They are available in #00 size. The #00 are $1.25 each and can only be bought in assorted packs of 100. Each bag includes 20 of each of the following colors: Blue, Natural, Pink, Purple & Teal.
#00 Slice is approx. 1/8 inch thick, 1" x 2".

$125.00 ATS00/D Quantity:
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Onyx Cross Pendant (100 pcs. per pkg.)

Price is $.35 each, sold in bags of 100 pieces. 
Cross Pendant made from Mexican Onyx. Cross is approximately 1 1/2" tall and 1" across. Colors may vary. String on our gold plated chain (GPC) you buy from us or silk cord which can be purchased from another supplier.

$35.00 OCP Quantity:
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