Bulk Minerals for Bin or Basket Display

We are a Wholesaler selling to businesses only.
No retail orders accepted from the general public.

This page features our wholesale Bulk Minerals for bin or basket display.

Pikes Peak Rock Shop is a wholesale distributor of fossils, gems and stone products selling direct to Rock Shops, Gift Shops and Souvenir Concessions. We require a minimum of $150 per U.S. order and $350 per international order.

Dyed Moroccan Geode Halves Package

The latest addition to our Moroccan Geodes line. These are sure to be a children's favorite. These black shelled dyed geodes stand out from across the room. Only available in assorted colors. Geode sizes vary from approximately 2" to 4" across.

Package includes the following items:
96 ea. Dyed Moroccan Geode Halves @ $1.25ea = $120.00
Moroccan Geode Display Unit = $32.50
Total Package Cost = $152.50
*Offset Goods = 6 pcs Dyed Moroccan Geode Halves @ $1.25
Display box measures 16"H x 15"L x 8"W

**PLEASE NOTE!!**  This product is dyed with a mineral based dye.  As with most artificially colored items, if this product is used or left in a wet environment, it may cause the dye to bleed from the stone.  Pikes Peak Rock Shop will not be responsible for damage caused by using this product in a wet or damp environment.

$152.50 DMGB/PKG Quantity: DMGB/PKG: $152.50
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Natural Gemstone Mix Tumbled Stone

Price is $6.50 pound, sold in 2.5 pound bags. 

Our Natural Gemstone Mix Tumbled Stone is a blend of all natural stones. This mix includes stones like Amethyst, Quartz, Rose Quartz, Sodalite, Poppy Jasper, Picture Jasper, Tiger Eye, Snowflake Obsidian, Unakite and many more.

Want to have some fun identifying your minerals? Check out our Nature's Treasure Information Cards! Search NTIC

$16.25 TSNGM Quantity: TSNGM: $16.25
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Bulk Crystal Blend

Price is $3.25 a pound, sold in 10 pound bags 
A fantastic blend of different rough stone, quartz crystals, citrine, amethyst crystals, pyrite and more!
Sell in your Treasure Chest Display, Mining Car, or Sluice Box!

Crystals vary in size from .25" - .75".

$32.50 BCB Quantity: BCB:$32.50
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Sodalite Tumbled Stone

Price is $10.00 a pound, sold in 1 pound bags. 
Sodalite tumbled stone is available in two sizes: Medium and Large and are sold in 1 lb bags. Medium stones are approx 3/4" and average cost is per stone is $.16 ea. Large stones are approx. 1" and average cost per stone is $.35

$10.00 TSSD Quantity: Select Size:
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Golden Tiger Eye Tumbled Stone

Price is $10.00 a pound, sold in 1 pound bags. 
Golden Tiger Eye Tumbled Stone is available in two sizes. Sold in 1 lb. increments.

Medium stones are approx 3/4" and large stones are approx. 1".

$10.00 TSTE Quantity: Select Size:
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Mixed Calcite

Sold in bags of 50 pieces at $0.75 a piece.  NEW SIZING AVAILABLE!!

Great for the kids!!! Colorful pieces of Blue, Orange, and Green Calcite! Great starter pieces for the amateur rock-hound, or for someone's lucky rock!

Now available in TWO sizes:
MC/75: 50 pc. bags @ $0.75 per piece = $37.50 per bag (approx. 1.75" - 2.5" pieces)
MC/35: 50 pc. bags @ $0.35 per piece = $17.50 per bag (approx. .75" - 1.5" pieces)

$37.50 MC/75 Quantity: Select Size:
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Rough Quartz Crystal Point (50 pcs. per pkg.)

Sold in bags of 50 pieces. 
Rough Clear Quartz Crystal points are perfect for bulk bins or jewelry making.

Available in two sizes.
$.35 size approx. 1"-1.25"
$.75 size approx. 2"-2.25"

$17.50 QCR Quantity: Select Size:
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Brazilian Bulk Rough Mix

Priced at $3.00/lb, sold in 11 lb bags.

This new mix has a fantastic variety of rough stones including Amethyst, Lepidolite, Tiger Iron, Quartz, and Calcite varieties and much more. The stones included in this mix are approximately 0.5"-1.25" in size, priced at just $3.00 per pound and sold in 11 pound bags. Sell in your Treasure Chest Display or Sluice Mix!

Check out our other brand new BULK MINERALS! Search "Bulk Rough" in your search bar!

$33.00 BRM Quantity:
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Black Rainbow Carborundum

Sold by the piece, priced by weight. 

This naturally dramatic mineral is extremely rare and is also known as Moissanite. Silicon Carbide has many industrial uses. Rainbow-like carborundum crystals make interesting specimens and are caused by a layer of silicon dioxide that forms on the surface. Carborundum is known to be a master healer that shines light in all areas of your life and connects to all chakras, purifies mind, body and spirit.

$10.00 BRC Quantity: Select Size:
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Shark Tooth Pendant (10 pc. per pkg.)

Sold by the package of 10 each @ $1.50 each. 
These attractive Sharks Tooth Pendant will be a big hit with your customers. They are wire wrapped to make a loop. Does not come with chain.

$15.00 STP Quantity:
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Pink Tourmaline in Matrix

Sold by the each.
Pink Tourmaline (also known as rubellite) is a gentle stone that directly touches the heart! The color varies widely from pale pink to deep red and it is nestled in a mineral matrix. Prices ranging from $1.00 to $20.00.

$3.00 PTM Quantity: Select Size: (only Small currently in stock)
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Quartz Clusters with Cut Base

Sold by the each. 
These Quartz clusters come in sizes ranging from $9.00 to $18.00 each, priced by weight. Each cluster may be a single point or multiple crystal points.

$14.00 QCLCB/IND Quantity: QCLCB/IND - $9.00 - $18.00
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Calcite Glow Stone Box

NEW PRODUCT!!!! Sold as a package, 32 pieces @ $2.50 each = $80.00. 

32 pieces per box. Calcite Glow Stone Box. Package dimensions: 8.5"L x 8.5"W x 3.5"H. Sphere dia: approx. 1.25"

Calcite, which gets its name from "chalix" the Greek word for lime, is a most amazing mineral. When exposed to light, these spectacular spheres will glow in the dark!! Calcite is also reactive to black light, which can give off a glow, even in a lighted room.

$80.00 CGS Quantity: Glow Stones (CGS): $80.00
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Rainbow Geode Box

Sold as a package. 
New Product!!!! These are sure to be a crowd pleaser. These brightly colored geodes come in there own custom display box. When touched by light, these beauties sparkle with color and brilliance! Purchased by the box with 32 geodes priced at $1.50 each, equaling $48.00. Sizes vary from approximately 2" to 3".

$48.00 RGB Quantity: RGB: $48.00
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Carved Soapstone Mouse (10 pcs. per pkg.)

NEW ANIMAL!!! Price is $1.50 each, sold in packs of 10 pieces. 

These adorable little critters are one of our most popular items. They are a big seller wherever they are offered.
They measure approximately 1.5" and are hand-carved in Peru.

$15.00 SSA/MO Quantity: SSA/MO: $15.00
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Suede Bag, Asst Bright, 4 Colors 2 inch x 3 inch (100 pcs. per pkg.)

Price is .35 each, sold in bags of 100 pieces. 
PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PRODUCT IS NOT FOR INDIVIDUAL SALE! The suede bags are sold only in conjunction with any of our BULK MINERAL products.

Suede Drawstring Bag 2" x 3". Great for holding your customers' treasures!  This 2" x 3" bag is available in assorted only. Vibrant colors include: yellow, blue, bright red, and green.

ORDER BY 100 PIECE BAGS.  Perfect for filling with our Bulk Gem Mix or other bulk items!!

$35.00 23SB/A4B Quantity: 2x3 Suede Bag: 4 Asst Bright Colors
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Bulk Minerals for Bin or Basket Display

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