Price is $12.00 per pound, sold in 2.5 pound bags. 

Unakite Jasper is a metamorphic rock that forms when granite is altered by hydrothermal activity. During this change, plagioclase in the granite is replaced by epidote to produce a rock composed primarily of green epidote, pink orthoclase, and clear to bluish-gray quartz.
Overflowing with metaphysical properties, Unakite Jasper brings together the abundant, nurturing energy of green with the soft, caring passion of pink in one of nature’s most healing crystals of the heart and mind. It resonates with the frequency of love, compassion, and kindness, and is a stone dedicated to balancing the emotional body.

Unakite Tumbled Stone is available in two sizes. Medium sized stones are approx 0.75″ and Large are approx 1″.

Unakite Tumbled Stone


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