CUSTOM MADE DISPLAY FIXTURE!!!  Please check for availability!

This spinner display holds so much amazing product while using a minimal amount of floor space!  It has a mixture of bins and shelves, one side is a magnet board, and one side is slot wall to hold Natural Gemstone Jewelry and Keychains.

The package includes:
$400.00 – 1 Tall Spinner Display Fixture (Dimensions 59″ H x 16″ W x 16″ D)
$125.00 – 100 pcs #0 Assorted Agate Thin Slices @ $1.25ea
$187.50 – 250 pcs. (50 each) of Amethyst, Quartz, Geodes, Mini Natural Geode, Pyrite ($0.75ea)
$25.00 – 100 pcs Replica Arrowheads ($0.25ea)
$75.00 – 75 pcs Small Orthoceras Fossils ($1.00ea)
$50.00 – 50 pcs Small Ammonite Fossils ($1.00ea)
$106.25 – 25 pcs Assorted Polished Stone Hearts ($4.25ea)
$250.00 – 125 Assorted Keychains ($2.00ea)
$192.00 – 96 Silver Plated Assorted Tumbled Stone Pendants ($2.00ea)
$168.00 – Silver & Gold Plated Crystal Jewelry ($3.25 and $3.75 pcs)
$40.00 – 10 pcs #1 Agate Slice on Wood Base ($4.00ea)
$40.00 – 1 flat of Amethyst Cluster with Cut Base
$40.00 – 1 flat of Citrine Cluster with Cut Base
$40.00 – 1 flat of Quartz Cluster with Cut Base
$40.00 – 1 flat of Assorted Geodes with Cut Base
FREE – 30 Slot Wall Hooks

Total Package:  $1,778.75

Free Goods To Offset Display:
60 pcs. Stone Magnets @ $2.00 = $120.00 Value
Assorted Agate Bookends  = $65.00 Value

NOTE: Some items may be out of stock, we reserve the right to substitute.  Let us know if you want us to call you first.
We can also design a custom package for your store. The cost of fixture is offset with free goods.

Wood Display is hand built, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery 
**PLEASE NOTE!!**  Some of these products are dyed with a mineral based dye.  As with most artificially colored items, if this product is used or left in a wet environment, it may cause the dye to bleed from the stone.  Pikes Peak Rock Shop will not be responsible for damage caused by using this product in a wet or damp environment.

Tall Spinner Display Package


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