Only 1 piece available at each specific price point-Please order no more than 1 each!

The supply chain is tight these days but look what we just received! A very special lot of minerals containing
both Quartz and Citrine in a variety of configurations and grades.

Each photo has the item description and available prices specific to that item. Ordering more than 1 will disqualify the order for freight discounts.

PMAQFFF Assorted Quartz Free Form Flames
PMCFFF Citrine Free Form Flames
PMCFFF/A A-Grade Citrine Free Form Flames
PMCFFP Citrine Free Form Point
PMCFFP/A A-Grade Citrine Free Form Point
PMCSP/A Citrine w/Inclusions in Matrix
PMCSP/B Double Terminated Citrine Point
PMQSP Tourmalated Quartz w/Black Tourmaline
PMSK Carved Skulls
PMSK/A A-Grade Carved Skull

***As products of nature, products will vary in weight, size, shape, grade and color. May contain inclusions, matrix, natural fissures.***

Special Lot of Citrine AND Quartz


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