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The name Sodalite comes from the high sodium content found in these crystals. They were first found in Greenland in 1811 but became popular when they were found on mainland Canada in Ontario in 1891 and people used them as ornamental decorations. Because this discovery coincided with a royal family visit to Canada, it gave birth to one of their first nicknames, the Princess blue. Because of its beauty, abundance and ease to work with sodalite quickly became a popular stone used in jewelry. Often confused with lapis lazuli because of its rich blue tone and texture. Experts believe the most effective way to form a connection with your Sodalite crystal and its healing properties is to keep the stone either on your body or close to your body.

These points measure approximately 1.5″ to 4.0″ tall

***As a product of nature, size, shape and color will vary***

Polished Sodalite Points


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