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A lovely, irregular, 6-sided polished point that is composed of amazonite, garnet, black tourmaline, and mica.

Amazonite is a stone that encourages speaking your truth clearly with clarity, ease, and confidence. Working with this gem opens the door to heartfelt sharing.

Garnet brings balance and security. Garnet grounds you after a spiritual journey – just one touch will ground you. Garnet encourages commitment.

Black tourmaline acts like a vacuum cleaner, clearing negativity. It’s grounding and brings awareness, love, and divine wisdom. Mica helps you see situations in detail and expands your ability to perceive the big picture, guiding you to make gentle adjustments that restore easeful and natural alignment.

Points are approximately 2.5″ to 7″ tall.

Being a product of nature this item will vary in shape, size and color.

Polished Amazonite with Garnet Points


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