While there are several different kinds of pink gemstones, the Kunzite stone, although likely lesser heard-of, is powerful in its own way. The kunzite gemstone is one of the few naturally pink stones in existence. Most kunzite crystals are pale pink in color, with some taking on more blush tones than others. While most kunzite crystals found are naturally pink, it can, on rare occasions, also be found in colorless form, as well as in light shades of lilac, yellow or green. The kunzite stone forms in a flat shape that boasts striations running along them. The pinker-hued stones are commonly associated with feelings of commitment, devotion, and love.

Many believe that the kunzite gemstone is strongly connected to the heart. It is thought that the stone can shine a light on all matters that have to do with the heart and in turn, circulation.



***Pieces will vary with color, size, shape and weight***

Pink Kunzite


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