Pink Amethyst fills your heart with love. It has a gentle loving energy that embraces you in various ways dispelling anxiety and fear. It enhances a sense of calm and brings peace of mind to whomever is using it. Pink amethyst discharges any negative energies and emotion that may be trapped in ones body. It offers strong protection against the negative energies associate with the environment around you. Each piece is unique so be sure to pick one up while you can!

The Angel Aura Pink Amethyst measures approximately 18″ x 13.5″   AAPAMS
This stunning Angel Aura Pink Amethyst has been hand treated with a thin coating of platinum and silver to enhance it’s beauty.

A- measures approximately 15″ x 8.0″  SOLD
B- measures approximately 17″ x 8.0″   SOLD
C- measures approximately 17″ x 8.0″  SOLD
D- measures approximately 27″ x 13.0″  SOLD

Pink Amethyst Slab on Metal Stand


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