NEW ITEM!!!     Very limited supply on this beautiful little geode.

The geodes are extracted by hand from the mines of “El Choique”. Pink amethyst is a new color variety of quartz coming from Argentine Patagonia.  Specimens range in color between pale to moderate purplish pink. Optical, spectroscopic, Raman and microchemical analyses show that the pink color in Patagonian quartz crystals is caused by the presence of two types of iron: iron activated by exposure to natural radiation, and iron as microscopic hematite particles. In this sense, they are not rose quartz or pink quartz as classically defined, and since the color of amethyst is, by definition, also caused by iron, the Patagonian specimens are referred to as “pink amethyst”.

Small number of pieces within each price range available. No larger than approximately 2.5″ x 2.5″.

***As a product of nature, shape, size and color will vary between pieces***

Pink Amethyst Geodes


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