This AA-Grade Fluorite from Melchor Muzquiz, Mexico is well known around the world for its beauty & top-notch quality. This fluorite is mostly cubic & often has many short & or long protrusions that resemble a city scape of buildings. The color ranges from pale violet to purple to dark blackish purple; the darker the color, the higher the content of petroleum-rich inclusions. The very deep purple color of this beautiful crystal seems to match the intense feeling & energy of Muzquiz Fluorite. The most serene & peaceful of all the Fluorites, Purple Fluorite has additional meanings like being excellent for focused meditation, helping you to connect with Spirit and it’s thought to purify your thoughts and enhance your devotions.

An $18.00 piece is approximately 1″ x 1″ . Some are mounted on a 1.5″ glass disc.

***Size, shape, color and weight will vary between pieces***

Muzquiz Fluorite, AA-Grade


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