These are Trilobite (species: Flexicalymene) fossils, just the way they come out of the ground, long before the first dinosaur with the fossil itself and the negative impression left in the matrix rock.

These approximately 400-million-year-old fossils from Morocco remain just as they are unearthed, with positive and negative geode halves – one side featuring the trilobite, the other its impression in the limestone matrix. A fun and unique gift idea for yourself or another fossil enthusiast.

One at $35.00 measuring 5” x 6.5”.

Two pieces available at $15.00 or 4 pieces at $25.00 each. They range approximately in size from 2.5” x 3.5” to about 3.5” x 4.5”.

Flexicalymene Trilobite Geode Fossil


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