We have 1 of these special one-of-a kind Elestial Quarts points left!. Available prices are: $195

These pieces will have some naturally occurring  spots in them where you may think they are damaged but they are not. A few have some really pretty rainbows!

Also called Skeletal, Alligator and or Jacare crystals, Elestial Quartz is most often formed from Smoky or Clear Quartz. The name relates to the shape or form of the crystal  which is made up of a multitude of pyramidal/triangular terminations which can look like stair steps layered on top of each other. Elestials can also have unusual etchings, cavities, or geometric like patterns and sometimes ‘enhydro’ bubbles of water in hollow areas, thus the name “skeletal” Quartz. Elestials are powerful crystals which are being used to aid in the mass cleansing, healing and reawakening that is currently happening. They are also known for their ability to assist in the release of fears and to bring comfort to those during a process of passing on.

The $297 piece is approximately 10″ high by 3.5″ wide.  SOLD
The $283 piece is approximately 13″ high by 2.5″ wide.  SOLD
The $213 piece is approximately 8.5″ high by 2.75″ wide. SOLD
The $195 piece is approximately 11″ high by 2.5″ wide.
The $124 piece is approximately 7″ high by 2.75″ wide.  SOLD
The $105 piece is approximately 8.5″ high by 2.0″ wide.  SOLD

Elestial Quartz Rough Polished Point


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