NEW ITEMS!!!     Sold by each.  Only 5 pieces available

 A Cathedral is a geode that is typically shaped like the arch of a cathedral. Amethyst is a type of quartz that contains a few parts per million of iron, providing its incredible purple color. Each piece of this stunning Aura Amethyst has been hand treated with a thin coating of titanium to give this already beautiful Amethyst an iridescent gleam.

$141 – approximately 10″ h x 9″ w           (back right)

$157 – approximately 9.5″ h x 9.5″ w     (front left)  SOLD!!

$161 – approximately 10″ h x 10″ w         (front right)

$176 – approximately 11″ h x 9.5″ w       (back left)

$318 – approximately 17″ h x 10.5″ w    (separate photo)  SOLD!!

Aura Amethyst (Rainbow) Cathedrals


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