Amethyst Geode on Rotating Metal Stand   NEW PRODUCT!!!   Only one in stock at each price

These unique pieces are one a kind and something you must have!

This treatment of displaying Amethyst in a new way is getting a lot of attention. One of these will surely fit your style and be the talk of your collection. Mounted on a rotating metal stand it is the perfect choice for someone looking for a home decor piece, or just something which makes a statement!

See available sizes/prices:

$522 –   measures approximately 36″ h x 12″ W  SOLD

$837 –   measures approximately 60″ h x 16″ W  SOLD

$950 –  measures approximately 36″ h x 16″ W

$1900 –  measures approximately 40″ h x 18″ W  SOLD

Amethyst Geode on Rotating Metal Stand


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