Amethyst Cathedrals

Sold by each. Call for additional information or availability.

Measures approximately 30" H x 9.5" W 

 An Amethyst Cathedral is a geode that is typically shaped like the arch of a cathedralAmethyst is a type of quartz that contains a few parts per million of iron, providing its incredible purple color.

While amethyst geodes are found in Mexico and even the US, most of the amethyst cathedrals that are the most attractive and contain the deepest purple color comes from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The ancient wisdom that is contained in the amethyst is the reason it holds such transformative, healing powers. Afterall, the healing benefits of amethyst are quite extensive!

Note-some cathedrals will require us to ship on a pallet to avoid damages.





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Amethyst Cathedrals

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