Amethyst Flowers Cluster, A-Grade

Sold by each.  Check out the beautiful one of a kind specimen we have! AMYFLC/500
This flower is like no other, a rare find for the avid collector! This special piece is hollow with formations both inside and out (inset photo).

Amethyst Flower Clusters are a rare find for the avid collector. They only come from one small part of Brazil. These specimens are buried deep within a layer of basalt. They are carefully and cautiously worked with small hand instruments until the basalt and other matrix minerals are removed. After this slow process is complete, a beautiful and awe inspiring Amethyst Flower remains. Although these are all technically Amethyst Flowers, many of these pieces predominately demonstrate other minerals such as calcite and quartz. These intricate specimens are sure to sell out!!  *Please note that these clusters come in a wide variety of colors and formations.* They may or may not be purple in color.

We also offer the same product on a wood base. Search "AMYFL"



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Amethyst Flowers Cluster, A-Grade

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