Moroccan Azurite/Malachite

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Azurite/Malachite is a stunning multi-mineral formation that has been highly sought-after by cultures around the world since the beginning of human civilization! With this perfect union of two vibrantly colored minerals, the deep, rich blue of Azurite and Malachite's awe-inspiring green shades, it is sure to be the center of everyone's attention. Mined in lovely Morocco, these minerals are found together in or near copper deposits, which is what gives them their colors.

Priced by the pound, these minerals range in size from $1.00 (1"x1") at their smallest to $500.00 (12"x8") at the largest, so there is something for everyone from the novice rock hound to the avid specimen collector!!



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Moroccan Azurite/Malachite

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