Bulk Semi-Precious Stones – Three Customer Favorites

2010 July 22
by Pikes Peak Rock Staff

Bulk Semi-precious Stones

Most rock shop retailers and specialty stores find that bags of semi-precious stones are great sellers.  Not only do these polished stones look great on display in the store, customers find many uses for them at home too.  As an importer of tumbled semi precious stones, I am often asked which stones are the best sellers and which ones to avoid buying.  There is no easy answer to this question, because what sells in one store won’t necessarily be flying out the door in another.  However, there are a few “customer favorites” that continue to sell well in almost every location.

Here are some of our customers’ favorite bulk-purchased semi-precious stones. Interestingly, all of these stones begin with the letter “A”.


When it comes to bulk tumbled semi-precious stones, aventurine is a perennial favorite.  It can be very translucent or opaque and is considered microcrystalline quartz.  Some specimens include shiny minerals like mica and hematite, which can give the stone added sparkle.  This is known as “aventurescence.” Colors range from creamy green to brown, blue and peach, and this stone is often used in an ornamental fashion.  Most aventurine is found in India, Spain, Austria, Russia, and Brazil.


This is one of my best selling bulk semi-precious stones, probably because of its unique mineral grain and lustrous appearance.  It is often polished and sold as a cabochon because of its iridescence of the stone’s crystal structure.  Amazonite is found in the U.S., Australia, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Russia, and is usually light green to bluish green with some light striations.


For centuries, this pale blue and green gemstone has been used for some very ornate jewelry.  A member of the beryl family, its color comes from small amounts of iron, which become embedded in the stone’s crystalline structure. Like other beryls, it has been a valued gemstone for thousands of years, and is even mentioned in the Bible. The name suggests that it was closely associated with water in the ancient world, which may explain why the stone is still highly valued by sailors as a good luck charm.

Tumbled stones in bags are an excellent way to present these semi precious stones in your retail environment.  Check out the unparalleled selection of bulk semi precious stones by visiting the online catalog at Pikes Peak Rock Shop.

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