More Retailers Are Buying Selenite Crystals Wholesale

2011 December 13
by Pikes Peak Rock Staff

selenite crystals wholesaleWhen it comes to the latest products in rocks and minerals, many gift shops and specialty retailers rely on the same distributors that they use for every other item in the store.  The only problem with this is the majority of traditional gift wholesalers don’t sell selenite crystals wholesale.  Selenite crystals are a mystical mineral that resembles translucent soapstone at first glance, but it actually has a natural glow that cannot be duplicated.

If you are just starting to sell rocks and minerals in your store, remember that not all specimens are simply destined for the display case.  Today’s rock collectors are much more diverse. As a result, they offer a variety of products to meet the needs of each type of buyer.  For example, many home decorators have started buying selenite crystals wholesale because they make such a contemporary looking focal point in a modern room.  This doesn’t mean they buy an oversized slab of selenite for a coffee table.  Rather, selenite candle holders and peak points give a room that “decorators’ touch.”

Some other ways to purchase selenite crystals wholesale include selenite soothing stones.  Because of their natural luminescence, these Moroccan stones look great on an LED light box.  Oval-shaped and highly polished, a selenite soothing stone measures 2.5” across and 2” wide.  Pikes Peak Rock Shop has just started selling these stones in popular orange selenite too.

For a more practical gift idea, a twisted selenite massage wand joins a growing collection of natural stone massage wands at Pikes Peak Rock Shop.  Measuring between 4 and 5” long, these delightful massage wands are another reason to start shopping for selenite crystals wholesale.   What makes this one unique is the spiral groove that runs around the outside, making it easier to grip.

For display purposes, we always recommend retailers showcase a gorgeous mirage selenite candle holder in a prominent spot in their store.  When customers see how the white or orange mineral glows in the light, they are sold!  Each selenite item is unique, and they make great gifts for any occasion. Gift retailers find that these beautiful stones sell just as frequently to non-collectors as they do to rock and mineral enthusiasts.  The unique properties of this stone make it popular among New Agers and metaphysical enthusiasts as well.

For the best selection of selenite crystals wholesale – and some great gift ideas – visit the online catalog at Pikes Peak Rock.

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