Magnetic Hematite – Healing Stones or Sticky Stones?

2010 August 5
by Pikes Peak Rock Staff
Sticky Stones or Magnetic Hematite Display Package

Sticky Stones or Magnetic Hematite Display Package

Any rock shop owner will tell you that it one collectible rock often means many different things to many different people.  Magnetic hematite is one of those collectible stones!

After hearing about this miraculous “healing stone” from several people in the New Age health community, I was anxious to find out if a magnetic hematite bracelet really worked for arthritis.  When I first researched the stone online, I was shocked at how many different types of jewelry were available.

According to the ads I’ve read, magnetic hematite jewelry can help relieve chronic pain by relaxing the capillary walls in the body and increasing blood flow, which can speed up healing.  Additionally wearing magnetic jewelry has been shown to increase endorphin production, known as the body’s natural pain killers.  While many skeptics abound, don’t be surprised if your customers start requesting magnetic hematite bracelets or beads.  Keep in mind that this type of stone is not safe for everyone.  Doctors strongly recommend that people with pacemakers avoid using any product that involves magnetic materials.

On the other hand, some younger customers may be looking for a different form of magnetic hematite, known as Sticky Stones.  Sticky stones are one of those last-minute gift ideas often seen near the cash register at a rock shop.  These super-powerful magnets are hot sellers at rock shops because they stick to one another and can be formed into a never ending variety of shapes.  Sticky stones are actually made from a synthetic form of magnetic hematite and they come in various sizes.

Interested in selling Sticky Stones at your retail shop?  Find out more about three different fully stocked Sticky Stones rock shop display cases that can be purchased at excellent wholesale rock shop prices from Pikes Peak Rock Shop.

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