Lapidary supplies for the hobbyist

2010 January 11
by admin

If you serve an audience of lapidary hobbyists, it is important to understand what they do so you can become a valuable a resource for their lapidary supply needs.   Starting a new hobby in lapidary is a lot of fun, but it can be challenging to keep up with the latest lapidary supplies.  In the past, most amateur lapidary hobbyists started out with an old-fashioned rock tumbler; but today this has given way to new low-noise precision faceting machines, sonic tumblers, vibrating laps, trim saws and grinding wheels.

Your lapidary wholesale resource should be able to accommodate all the changing trends in the lapidary arts, and understand how each tool is being used.  This is especially true if you will be selling higher end lapidary supplies.

For your amateur lapidaries, of course, staring out with some rough gemstones and a rock tumbler is perfectly acceptable.  In many cases, new hobbyists choose to bypass the tumbler entirely and purchase pre-polished stones.  From there, they often move onto perfecting, carving, faceting and mounting the stones into jewelry.

As a retailer serving amateur and professional lapidaries, buying from a reliable lapidary wholesale source can make all the difference in the success of your business.  When you can access all levels of equipment and stones at the most competitive prices, your business already has a leg up on the competition.  But if you pair that with a working knowledge of how lapidary supplies work, your customers will return again and again.

Creative lapidary supplies are now available that allow the hobbyist to create an original design using stones set into a custom setting.  Silver and Bronze clays can be molded and shaped into any creation and hardened in a kiln.  These advancements in the art have allowed the average person to create an imaginative and beautiful piece of jewelry from scratch.

For your lapidary bulk needs, Pike’s Peak Rock Shop has the best prices and selection to be found anywhere.

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