New Jewelry and Jewelry Displays for Your Rock Shop

2013 September 26
by Pikes Peak Rock Staff

jewelry display bear clawEvery year at around this time, retailers everywhere begin to panic about their holiday inventory. Yes, it is that time again; time to stock up on all the latest “hot” items for your rock shop, but it’s not all about geodes, rare specimens and fossils. No matter where your store is located, chances are you get a fair amount of customers who prefer natural stone jewelry to rock displays.

Whether it is a regular customer out shopping for gifts or out-of-town visitors looking for ideas, rock shops should be prepared with a selection of geologically-inspired jewelry.

What are the hottest jewelry items for the holiday season?

Natural Gemstone Bracelets and Necklaces:

Retailers should have a wide range of items made from various rocks and minerals. For example, beaded necklaces and bracelets are now available with tiger eye, blackstone, jasper, hematite, garnet and fresh water pearls. These natural gemstone pieces are a big hit everywhere because they are made of real semiprecious stones, no cheap plastic or glass “fillers.” Unlike many of the cheaper imitations, these beautiful bracelets and necklaces have a magnetic clasp that can be extended from 18” to 20”.

It is easy to purchase these individually or in larger quantities from your rock and mineral wholesaler, but it makes even more sense to buy a complete counter display. As these inexpensive pieces are often seen as an “impulse purchase,” many rock shops prefer to keep them at or near the cash-wrap area.

Bear Claw Necklace:

Another hot item for the 2013 holiday season is the ubiquitous “bear claw necklace.” What makes these so popular, even in rock shops, is that the replica bear claw looks so real. They appeal to people of all ages but mainly naturalists and people who enjoy the great outdoors. Each “claw” comes with a 30” long leather cord.

The “Replica Bear Claw Display” (pictured here) is a top-selling item for rock shops and many have been selling them all summer long. Looking at the innovative design of the display, it is no wonder this captures customer attention. The package sold at Pikes Peak Rock Shop contains the display fixture with 60 necklaces for only $205. The display cost is offset with 8 free necklaces.

Fortune Bracelet Package:

If your store attracts young people, or even the parents of young people, consider adding a “Fortune Display Package” near the point of sale. Braided in Brazil, these simple woven bracelets are believed to bring good fortune to anyone who wears one. They are available in 10 different styles which are sure to appeal to all different tastes. Display packages are sold with 15 of each style, with each bracelet costing only $.75. While the display and header card are $25, the package is offset with five free bracelets. Bracelets can also be purchased separately by style, in packs of 10.

Carved Stone Necklaces:

A surprisingly beautiful selection of carved stone necklaces is available in a wide range of semiprecious stones, including tigers eye, hematite, fluorite, sodalite, rainbow jasper and more. Each of these iconic sculptures is about 1” in diameter and dangles from a 24-inch cord. Pikes Peak Rock Shop carries the complete collection of these pendants, including the Dolphin, Heart, Thunderbird, Frog, Bat, Walking Bear, Horse, Sun Face, Worry Stone, Butterfly and Eagle.

Crystal Bullet Pendants:

One of the most popular jewelry items on sale at rock shops is the sterling silver crystal bullet pendant, preferably with a garnet accent stone. Please note, these pendants are sold separately, so most shops opt to sell a selection of 16”, 18” and 20” sterling silver chains. Each pendant contains a polished crystal bullet that is mounted in top quality sterling silver and accented with a beautiful garnet. Choose between amethyst or quartz, or display a selection of both.

Spirit Stone Pendants

These unique pendants are designed after one of our best selling products. Nature’s Spirit Stones are created by carving a variety of animal totem images and selected symbols into gemstones to unite the healing properties of the stones, with the inherent power of these symbols. Stones measure approximately 1″ inches across and the necklace is 18″ long.

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