Gear Up for Tourist Season with Break at Home Geodes

2012 April 12
by Pikes Peak Rock Staff

break at home geodesStocking up your shelves for the coming tourist season can give any retailer a rush, especially a rock and mineral store located in the Southwest.  This is where everyone comes to experience the wild landscapes and awe-inspiring rock formations, Rocky Mountains and Monument Valley.  Not surprisingly, this kind of vacation puts everyone in the mood to start a rock collection.  Of all the popular items on sale in these parts, break at home geodes are a perennial favorite.  Kids and adults both enjoy the element of “surprise” whenever a geode is broken open.

What is a geode?

A geode is a type of rock formation that occurs when a pocket of air or gas is trapped and forms a cavity in sedimentary or igneous rock. A hard “crust” forms around the outside of the cavity. Groundwater, which often carries dissolved minerals in solution, seeps through the rock over a long period of time. The result? Beautiful crystal points or layers of banded crystals deposited inside the cavity, much to the wonder of the lucky person who gets to be the first ever to peek inside!

If you’ve never experienced the excitement and mystery of break at home geodes, then it might be a good idea to give it a try.  This way, you can truly answer any questions a customer has.  Most of the break at home geodes available for retailers are sold in sets, and each set contains natural geodes that have never been opened.  Ranging in size from 1” to 2.25” or more, the buyer of these rough looking rocks is always the first to truly witness what lies inside of each geode.  They don’t look like much; just round stones with a rough outer texture that could easily be ignored. But when these hollow treasures are opened they are filled with crystals and layers of agate.  Each break at home geode contains either quartz or calcite crystals inside, or can be displayed as a part of your personal rock collection.

How do break at home geodes work?

This is always the first question you hear from a customer considering geodes for their children.  They want to know how you get to the inside of the rock without hurting yourself.  The answer is quite simple.  Just place the geode inside of an old sock and lay the sock on a concrete surface or sidewalk.  Lightly tap the outside of the geode with a hammer until it breaks open inside the sock.  This will prevent rock fragments from shattering or flying into the eyes.

Keep in mind that break at home geodes are not intended for children under 5 years old.  They are usually sold in bags of 25, but the number of pieces will also depend on the size.  The majority of the breakable geodes sold today are sourced from Morocco because these tend to be larger and contain more crystalline structures than the ones found in Mexico.

Find out more about break at home geodes by visiting the online catalog at Pikes Peak Rock Shop.

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