Gear Up For Summer – Buy Fossils in Bulk Wholesale Quantities

2012 May 10
by Pikes Peak Rock Staff

fossils +bulk +wholesale +for saleFossil collecting is hotter than ever, and rock shops have the opportunity to cash in on this trend.  As the summer tourism season approaches, expect to see more customers requesting fossil specimens than ever.  Before you start searching for the best prices on wholesale bulk fossils, be sure you know what you are looking for.

Fossil-hunters have been known to buy valuable fossils from land owners and then sell them for exorbitant sums, which may explain the interest in fossil collecting.  Many fossil hunters skip the archaeological dig and look for unique and rare specimens at yard sales.  There they purchase them for a few bucks, and then turn around and sell them online to serious collectors.  But the average person looking at fossils for sale at your store will be a casual collector with an interest in learning more about our distant past.  Fossils are one of the few specimens that provide us with a visual and tactile link to the plant and animal life that flourished millions of years ago.

Why do people collect fossils?

Rock shop owners who purchase bulk fossils for sale on wholesale web sites are not always too familiar with what customers want.  They may purchase a few ammonites, trilobites or orthoceras fossil plates; or perhaps they will buy a few fossil fish for more serious collectors, but they may know very little about the age and origin of these fossils.

Which fossils are most popular?

Ammonites are one of the most commonly found fossils, and look very similar to the ancient Nautilus.  The look of these 350 million year old marine cephalopods make them excellent centerpieces for a display, but they can also be purchased in smaller versions.  One of the most popular display pieces at Pikes Peak Rock Shop is a large polished Ammonite that sites on a rough brown matrix.  These semi-polished fossils are like freestanding sculptures and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them the ideal decoration for a coffee table or mantle.

Buying wholesale fossils in bulk doesn’t mean that one needs to become an expert on the subject, but it’s important to work with a wholesale supplier who is.  Pikes Peak Rock Shop offers buyers a wealth of information on every fossil they sell, as well as a great variety of specimens to match every price range.

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