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2012 May 30
by Pikes Peak Rock Staff

souvenirs + wholesale fossilsUnless you own a personal collection of fossils, it might be difficult to figure out which souvenirs to buy wholesale. It’s not as if fossil specimens have changed that much over the years, which would be expected since many of them are 350 million years old; but the range of popular wholesale fossils has expanded to include a variety of specimens from Morocco.

Here is a sampling of some of the bestselling wholesale fossils sold as souvenirs all year round:

Ammonite Fossil Dish – This attractive little serving dish is sculpted from a single piece of Orthoceras or Goniatite fossil into a matrix pattern that is polished smooth.  A tiny Ammonite fossil provides an elegant accent on the handle of this small dish, which measures 4 to 5”.

Enchodus Jaw Fossil – featuring the fossilized teeth of an Enchodus, these fossils are the remains of a large predatory fish from the Cretaceous period.  Highly unusual and unique, these fossils are a great conversation starter. They remind viewers of the legendary ferocious fish that strike their prey in lightning-quick attacks.  Like the Ammonite dish, they are source from Morocco.

Freestanding Goniatites – Known for being the ancient ancestor of the Nautilus, these marine cephalopods apparently existed more than 350 million years ago.  Interestingly, they were located well above sea level in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.  Each one comes with an information card for the collector.

Green River Fossil Fish – Surprisingly affordable considering the clarity of the impression, these limestone shale fossils are a detailed representation of the ancient Knightia fish.  They were found on private property within the Green River formation in Kemmerer Wyoming.

Orthoceras Fossil – These squid-like cephalopods roamed the waters beneath the Atlas Mountains in Morocco some 350 million years ago, and today they are found embedded in the cliffs.  Souvenirs like these are often the inspiration for a wholesale fossil collector.

Single Mososaurus Tooth Fossil – Fossilized teeth like these could have only belonged to the emperors of the Cretaceous Period seas.  The physical creatures were part of a giant serpentine marine reptile called a Mososaurus, which could grow up to 60 feet long, enabling it to swallow its prey whole.  Known as the scourge of many ocean dwellers, today its massive teeth are immortalized in stone for the fossil enthusiast.

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