Why Buy Geodes Wholesale from Brazil?

2011 August 23
by Pikes Peak Rock Staff

geodes wholesale brazil +bulk +buy		Retailers who sell rocks and minerals are always looking for the “next big thing” when in reality it may be staring them right in the face.  Many souvenir shops have found that the proper merchandising of bulk geodes has given them a much needed boost in sales.  That’s right, those unsightly little geodes that are so often overlooked by serious collectors are adding up for revenue at the registers.  If you’ve been purchasing your geodes wholesale at Pikes Peak Rock Shop, then you know that we buy them in bulk from distributors in Brazil.  This is one of those cases where the selection is not as important as they way they are marketed to customers.Walking through a souvenir shop near the Garden of the Gods this summer, one of our customers found a store that was selling break-at-home geodes in a way that attracted families with children.  This particular store had someone demonstrate what happens when geodes are broken open.  To the amazement of shoppers, these nondescript rocks went from boring to beautiful.  Each one he broke open looked different from the last.  Customers were pointed to a display that showed a selection of various sized geodes and a special offer for people who purchased them in bulk. 

When asked where they bought their geodes, the owner of the store said he always purchase geodes from Brazil in bulk from Pikes Peak Rock Shop.  Not many retailers go to such great lengths to demonstrate the beauty of geodes, so it helps to hear ideas from other store owners.  This is just one of many merchandising concepts that is used to sell rocks and minerals.  Others include wooden display cases that sit on the countertop, rock polishing kits that are sold with unpolished stones, and craft kits that are sold with jewelry minerals.

The next time you’re ready to buy more wholesale geodes from Brazil for your store, consider making a display that will entice shoppers to buy more.  You may notice that something as simples as this will generate a newfound interest in your other products as well.

Shop for geodes wholesale from Pikes Peak Rock by browsing the online catalog — Once you start selling them, you may need to buy them in bulk on a regular basis.

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