Why Buy Chrysanthemum Stones Wholesale?

2012 May 15
by Pikes Peak Rock Staff

chrysanthemum stones + wholesaleEven if you regularly purchase rocks and minerals wholesale, there is a pretty good chance you’ve never heard of chrysanthemum stones.  Before you start picturing a bouquet of brightly colored minerals displayed in a shallow vase, let me tell you that these unusual rocks are not the most colorful lot in your supplier’s catalog.  In fact, they are a stark black stone that bears an unmistakable floral imprint; hence the term chrysanthemum stones.

Will your customers be looking for chrysanthemum stones this year?

It’s hard to say whether a certain set of regular customers is savvy enough to know about the latest trends in rocks and minerals, but let’s just say that once they see these unique specimens it will be hard to resist owning one.  This very unusual material is made up of dolomite, limestone, gypsum-bearing clay, porphyry and lath-like crystals like celestite, calcite, andalusite and feldspar.  It is these crystal elements that are grouped together against a matte black backdrop to form a pattern that resembles a blooming chrysanthemum.

Once your customers get a look at these patterned stones it will be tempting to pick up a few of them.  It’s interesting that so many of these specimens originate from Hunan China because the chrysanthemum is also the official symbol of the Chinese Imperial Family.  They are also found in Japan, the United States and Canada.  Each of these spectacular rocks is one-of-a-kind and they are not artificially enhanced or colored.  Approximately 4.75” tall, chrysanthemum stones weigh about 7 pounds each. Chrysanthemum stones are available at Pikes Peak Rock in the wholesale catalog.

Can chrysanthemum stones be used for healing purposes?

Yes, according to metaphysical healing experts, this stone brings a lovely child-like joy into the life of a healing practitioner.  It helps you to be fully present and enjoy each moment of life while exuding a calming energy that helps you feel centered.  Some say that their chrysanthemum stones encourage them to open up and “bloom,” or discover their purpose in life.

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