Brazilian Agate Still in High Demand

2013 June 29
by Pikes Peak Rock Staff

agate geodesCustomers who enter your rock and mineral store may not realize it right away; in fact they may think Brazilian agate is just one of many popular products for sale. But despite competition from fossils, and all the latest metaphysical trends, Brazilian agate remains a huge draw for collectors of all ages. Maybe it is their unique shapes and colors, or the fact that agate is made into everything from bookends to candleholders, but there are plenty of reasons why retailers continue to sing the praises of Brazilian agate.

Which of these colorful agate specimens are the bestsellers among wholesale buyers? Here we will discover the various types of agate, also known as Minnesota’s official gemstone. It is available in a wide variety of dramatic colors, including yellow, orange, red, purple and blue. Agate slices are a whole lot lighter than the whole agate stone, which is why so many tourists choose them as a souvenir.

Here is a sampling of some popular agate slices, many of which can be found at your rock and mineral distributor.

  • Brazilian Agate – The most common form of agate for agate slices is a stone that originates from the province of Minas Gerias in Brazil. These are the specimens best known for their beautifully colored bands.
  • Western Lake Superior Agate is often found on the shores of Lake Superior in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan. Like all agate slices, special skill and equipment is required to get a perfect specimen of these stones.
  • Queensland Agate was mined in the 1960s and were found in the Australian Outback north of Queensland. They are among the rarest and most beautiful in the world.
  • Fairburn Agate is named after the town of Fairburn, South Dakota, an area famous for agate fields that cover thousands of acres in the southern Black Hills area.
  • Oregon Agate is found near Newport, which is also one of the best “agate-hunting” areas in the world. A new supply of these remarkable stones is revealed each year in the tides.

Other forms of agate include the ancient Turritella agate from the Western United States and colorful Laguna agate from Chihuahua Mexico.

When Brazilian agate was first introduced, buyers looked to it for break-at-home geodes and the occasional metaphysical ornament. Then came the brightly colored wholesale agate slices that every supplier had available, but few people were looking beyond the decorator piece and seeking out Brazilian agate bookends.

What is so special about Brazilian Agate?

Agate is probably the best-selling rock on sale today; most likely because it is available in so many different products. Jewelry makers use agate pieces to make beads and pendants, collectors prefer cut geodes and colorful agate slices; but the most interesting use for wholesale Brazilian agate is the everyday household item. Agate can be chiseled and shaped into bowls, candleholders and bookends quite easily, which make a powerful statement as decorator pieces in the home.

Unique uses for wholesale Brazilian agate

In addition to the striking Brazilian agate bookends on sale at Pikes Peak Rock Shop, many shoppers seek out agate for its metaphysical properties. Whether it is found in its natural colors, including red, brown yellow and orange, or it is hand colored with bright hues of blue, green and purple, agate is known for its protective properties. Agate has a strong connection to the earth and thereby reduces feelings of envy and strife in relationships. In addition to its grounding abilities, agate’s cleansing aura lends balance to an individual’s physical, intellectual and emotional lives. While eliminating negativity, it also stimulates perception and analytical skills. As a result, wholesale Brazilian agate has become a favorite item for retail rock shops.

Visually, agate is banded like the trunk of a tree with concentric circles of chalcedony, an opaline shell-like substance. Iridescent quartz fibers extend vertically within each of the band layers, lending color and vibrancy to the stone. Some collectors prefer the natural gray tones of Brazilian agate, while other look for brilliantly dyed slices of polished agate.

Are you wondering what else is available in agate and how you can display these items in your store? Find out which agate products are a “must” for your summer tourism crowd, or which ones are bestselling gifts. Check out the online catalog and learn more about the wide range of agate items available at Pikes Peak Rock Shop.

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