Fossilized Shark Teeth: A Hot Buy Following Shark Week

2014 August 18
by Jasper Sterling

shark-teethPeople have rediscovered their love for sharks.  Every year Discovery Channel airs its week long dedication to the infamous and sorely misunderstood shark.  Here is some quick information about the notorious shark, shark teeth fossilization, and how to sell shark teeth in your shop. read more…

Wholesale Agate Stones

2014 August 8
by Jasper Sterling

wholesale agate geodes, slices, natural and dyed

Rock shops gain a lot of profit from the sale of the beautiful and versatile Agate stone.  It catches the eye of both casual collectors to die-hard stone-enthusiasts with its bright iridescence and multi-colors. If you’re looking for a stone that’s an easy sale, has a great deal of shelf-appeal and is a low-cost investment, then Agate is a sure thing for your shop. read more…

The Wedding Gift Shopper – Stones & Minerals to Recommend

2014 July 9
by Jasper Sterling

display-wedding-giftsSpring and Summer are the marriage seasons.  This usually means higher traffic of people looking to buy that perfect wedding gift for their newly wed friends and relatives.  There is a lot of appeal to buying stones as wedding gifts.  Stones have symbolic, aesthetic as well as practical purposes that can call out to practically any gift shopper. read more…

Buying Wholesale Fossils? What You Need to Know

2014 June 23
by Jasper Sterling

fossilsImporters of fossil rock are well aware of the challenges involved in getting the best specimens for retailers, especially those that cater to fossil collectors.  In many cases, retailers who are buying fossils for retail sale are less sophisticated about their purchases.  Perhaps their customer base is made up of mostly tourists and they are less concerned about buying rare specimens, but it is still important to know what you are buying. When a rock shop has a vast inventory of fossils from around the world, it is important to be able to educate their customers on the different types of fossil fish and rock.   read more…

Why Rock Collectors are Crazy about Labradorite

2014 June 9
by Jasper Sterling

labradoriteJust one look at the description for Labradorite on the Pikes Peak Rock Shop catalog and it’s obvious why this mineral is so fascinating to the average collector.  The description on the site says, “Labradorite is a mineral whose charm is not fully noticed and may be overlooked if not viewed from the proper position.”

It’s true that this mineral might even look dull and dark, with no special virtue, until that iridescent and colorful schiller is seen glowing on the surface.  Labradorite produces a colorful display of light, known as “labradorescence,” particularly across cleavage planes and in sliced sections.  read more…

Could You Be Selling More Jewelry in Your Rock Shop?

2014 May 27
by Pikes Peak Rock Staff

crystal earringsIf you consider yourself a “purist” and cater to the serious rock collector, it may seem a little frivolous to start selling rock and gemstone jewelry. After all, aren’t there jewelry stores for this? But by now you may have also noticed that rock collectors don’t just shop for themselves. They see rock shops as the ideal place to pick up some great gifts. Aside from jewelry, other gifts sold by rock shops include agate bookends, selenite candle holders, geode slices, obelisks and carved fossil plates.

read more…

The Incredible Healing Properties of Citrine

2014 May 15
by Pikes Peak Rock Staff

citrine healingIt may come as a surprise to many rock shop retailers, but the world of rock collectors consists of more than just hobbyists and amateur geologists. In fact, a growing segment of your customers may be less interested in the physical properties of a stone than they are about its “metaphysical properties.”

read more…

Magnetic Hematite Pulls Customers In

2014 May 13
by Jasper Sterling

hematite-displayWhat is Hematite?

Aside from being a great seller, and rock shop featured item, Hematite is an incredibly interesting stone. It is a fairly common mineral made of iron oxide.  It is most often found in a silver color but there are many vibrant variations of the stone.

Nothing makes a sale faster than pointing out some fun facts about items in your store.  Hematite is loaded with interesting facts.  Fact cards, reference books, or even just a pleasant remark from a store clerk can mean the difference between a quick glance and a purchase.  Here are a few of the fun facts you can use at your Hematite display: read more…

What Makes Amethyst a Perennial Favorite?

2014 April 25
by Pikes Peak Rock Staff

amethyst crystalAs many rock shop owners will attest, there is nothing quite comparable to the ever-popular amethyst. Whether it’s an amethyst pendant, jagged crystal or obelisk, this pretty purple mineral is always a best seller. Wholesale amethyst dealers are often asked what makes the amethyst the “gem of choice” for so many shoppers. Is it the deep purple color, or is it merely the fact that amethyst comes in so many different forms?

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Get your Displays in order for Springtime Tourism

2014 April 20
by Jasper Sterling

12bd-lrgWith spring warming up, people are going to be traveling more and tourism means great sales for rock shops.  It is important to have your souvenir items in top quality displays so buyers can see clearly what they’ll want to take home with them

A classic for rock shops is the polished stone display.  Children and adults alike enjoy choosing their own stones to bag up and carry with them. These stones have a greater appeal when they are sorted by color or type in clean, clear displays. A 12-bin display package can help keep your bulk polished stones organized and appealing. read more…