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Single Polished Ammonite Fossil in Polished Matrix

NEW PRODUCT SIZES !!!   Sold by the each. 

These 350 million year old extinct celphalopod is a distant relative to the chambered nautilus. They occurred in many diverse species all over the world. These are from Madagascar.

The $35.00 Single Polished Ammonites in Polished Matrix are approximately 8" to 9" across and about .25" thick. The $50.00 Single Polished Ammonites in Polished Matrix are approximately 8.5" to 10.5" across. The $75.00 pieces are approximately 9"-9.5" across and the $100.00 Single Polished Ammonites in Polished Matrix are approximately 9.5" to 11.5" across.

$40.00 piece  is approximately 8.00" across to 7.0 wide.

$100.00 piece  is approximately 11" across  to 14" wide.

**Please note that this is a product of nature. Shape and size WILL vary**

$35.00 SPAM Quantity: Select Size:
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Polished Sodalite Pebbles


Polished Sodalite Pebbles.  

Although somewhat similar to lazurite and lapis lazuli, sodalite rarely contains pyrite (a common inclusion in lapis) and its blue color is more like traditional royal blue rather than ultramarine. It is further distinguished from similar minerals by its white (rather than blue) streak.

Prices range from $1.00 to $3.00 each.  


***This is a product of nature so product will vary among pieces.***

$2.00 SODP Quantity: SODP: $1-$3
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AA-Grade Chinese Fluorite Polished Point

Sold by each. NEW PRODUCT-limited availability!!

These beautifully AA-Grade Polished Chinese Fluorite Points range in color from green to purple to white, usually with bands of all three colors. Sizes range from Approximately 2.75" to 5" tall. Fluorite is one of the most collectible and highly sought after crystals in the world, loved by mineralogists and metaphysical healers alike. Fluorite is an extraordinary creation of nature! Its beautiful, soft, and glassy appearace resonates deeply with the human mind like no other crystal. 

These points are priced by weight and will vary in size and color.


$15.00 PMCFP/AA Quantity: Select Size:
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Moroccan Amethyst Sphere

Sold by each.  NEW PRODUCT!!! Stand not included.

These beautiful Moroccan Polished Amethyst Spheres are another new addition to our Amethyst and Spheres line of products.

They range in size from Small (1.5" diameter) to Medium (2.0" diameter) to Large (2.5" diameter) Amethyst is February's birthstone as well as 6th anniversary gemstone.

Sizes are approximate and will vary in size and color.


$6.50 PMMAS Quantity: Select Size:
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Assorted Specimens Box

Price is $21.00 per 12 piece box. ($1.75 ea)

These adorable tiny boxes of assorted minerals measure approximately 1"H X 1"W.

Each box may contain Aragonite, Galena, Amethyst, Copper, Quartz, Barite, Cerussite, or Vanadanite. Sorry, they already come packed in a box. No requests for specific selections will be honored.

$21.00 ASB Quantity:
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Tibetan Green Phantom Clusters

NEW PRODUCT!!! Sold by each. 
Tibetan Green Phantom Clusters
Phantom crystals are facilitators for self growth. The Green (Chlorite) Phantom Crystals help work on self-healing and regeneration along with assisting in facilitating the detoxification process by removing unwanted energy.
Priced at $46.00 per pound and available in 3 sizes at listed price ranges. Limited supply so order now!

**Please note this is a product of nature and priced by weight.  Shape and size WILL vary.**

$25.00 TGPQ Quantity: Select Size:
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Polished Phantom Quartz Crystal Point, 5 pack

Price is $5.50 each, sold 5 pieces per pack. NEW PRODUCT!!!  

Polished Phantom Quartz Crystal Point. As you look inside a Phantom Crystal, you can see the ghost of additional crystals inside. These Phantoms are caused by a layer of dust settling on the crystal during the formation process and then the crystal continues to grow. These Phantom Quartz Points are sold in a 5 piece pack at $5.50 each.  Sizes range from 1" to 1.5" tall and approximately 0.5" wide. The points have a cut base for ease in displaying.

$27.50 PMPHQ/5pk Quantity: PMPHQ/5pk: $27.50
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Rough Smoky Quartz Chunks Box

Sold in boxes.  NEW PRODUCT!!!

Rough Smoky Quartz Boxes are another addition to our ever growing line of flatted minerals. Each box contains 24 pieces of rough smoky quartz averaging $0.75 each.  These pre-boxed chunks are protected by a plastic "egg crate" so that each piece is cradled for safe shipping. 

**Sold by the box only.**

$18.00 SQB Quantity: SQB: $18.00
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Chevron Amethyst on Metal Stand

NEW PRODUCT!!!! Sold by each. 

 Chevron Amethyst is a combination of White Quartz and Amethyst mixed to form a V-banded or striped pattern. It’s usually a beautiful lavender, purple or white in color. Amethyst has been known pretty much forever as the master of ceremonies when it comes to spirituality. Price is calculated by weight and cost from $16.00 to $45.00 each. They range in size from 5.5" - 11.5" tall.



**This is a product from nature and is priced by weight so size and shape will vary. **


$4.00 CHEV/MS Quantity: Select Size:
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Amethyst Cluster w/ Natural Sides

Sold by each. NEW PRODUCT!

Amethyst Cluster Point with Natural Sides. The top is polished and sides unpolished. Price will range from $4 - $15 each. Approximate size: 2.5" to 4" tall.

*Please note that this is a product from nature and priced by weight. Shape and size WILL vary*

$5.00 PMNS/AC Quantity: Select Size:
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Citrine Straight Massage Wand

Sold by each. NEW PRODUCT!!!

These beautiful polished Citrine massage wands are from Brazil and are expertly cut and polished. Prices range from $5 to $10 for small (2.0" - 3") and $11 to $20 for large (3.5" - 5").

$5.00 PMCW Quantity: Select Size:
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Aura Amethyst Cluster on Metal Stand

NEW PRODUCT!!!! Sold by each. 

Priced at $22.00/LB.

Amethyst is February's birthstone and is the most valuable of the quartz gemstones. It contains iron that is finely dispersed throughout the crystal. The color is caused by the presence of manganese oxide impurities.
Each piece of this stunning Aura Amethyst has been hand treated with a thin coating of titanium to give this already beautiful Amethyst an iridescent gleam then mounted on a black metal stand for ease in displaying.  These lovely clusters come in every shape and size imaginable!

This is a product of natural and priced by the pound so shape and size will vary.

$40.00 AURA/AMYMS Quantity: Select Size:
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Amethyst Sphere-- AA Grade

Sold by each.  NEW PRODUCT!!!   Stand not included.

These gorgeous AA-Grade Polished Amethyst Spheres are cut and shaped from Brazilian Amethyst. They range in color from pale lavender to a deep, smoky purple. Amethyst has potent metaphysical properties for spiritual healing & bring intense spiritual growth. It is the February's birthstone as well as 6th anniversary gemstone.

These spheres come in 3 price ranges:

Small: $1-$20   (approx. 1" - 1.5")
Medium: $21-$40   (approx. 1.75" - 2")
Large: $41-$65   (approx. 2 - 2.25")

$4.00 PMAMS/AA Quantity: Select Size:
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Polished Brazilian Amethyst Cluster on Metal Stand

Sold by each.  NEW PRODUCT!!!

Brazilian Amethyst with Polished Edges is the newest of our products displayed on a metal stand.  

A great addition to your Amethyst collection!

This product is priced by weight so size and shape will vary.

$30.00 PACMS Quantity: Select Size:
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Elestial Amethyst Clusters

NEW!!!! Sold by each. One time special offer-3 in stock!

You can recognize an Elestial Amethyst by its shape. Usually having one main crystal with smaller fully terminated crystals surrounding it, these crystals are keepers of information stored in their matrix in the language of light. In using these types of crystals, one may access information that goes beyond space and time. Like a book at the library, these crystals are especially useful for lightworkers and healers who are interested accessing the repository of knowledge they contain. 

Limited supply-no backorders for this item.

 This product is priced by weight, so the size and shape of the crystal will vary.

$166.00 AMYLCL Quantity: Select Size:
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PMAMC-3 Grades.jpg
Polished Amethyst Crystal Points, A-Grade

Sold by each. 

Polished A-Grade Brazilian Amethyst Crystal Point. Priced at $90.00 per pound and prices can range from $2.00 all the way up to $60.00 each! This is a product of nature so shape and size will vary.

$2.00 PMAMC/A Quantity: Select Size:
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