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7.5" Lighted Easel Display Stand

Sold by the each. 
These stands are perfect for displaying large Natural or Dyed Agate thin slices and showing them to their best advantage.They measure 7.5"H X 5"W X 4.25"D and can hold thin slices as big as a dinner plate.

$15.00 DSE7.5L Quantity:
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7 LED Lightbox, Slim Line

Sold by the each. 
The LED light box has seven colored lights that pulse on and off. The mirrored base does not rotate so there is no weight limit. The light box works with the electrical Adapter which is included. Also works with batteries, 3 AAA batteries which are not included. Has an on/off switch on the side. Base is approximately 3 1/2" across.
Crystal on top is for demonstration purposes only, NOT sold with box.

$13.00 LED7/SL Quantity:
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Agate Arrowheads (25 pcs. per pkg.)

Price is $.75 each, sold in bags of 25 pieces. 
These new Agate Arrowheads are have more distinct colors than our Chert Arrowheads. Sorry but we cannot hand select colors and styles for you. Handcrafted and created in the same fashion as in ancient times. These arrowheads have some variation in color.

$18.75 RAH/AG Quantity:
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Agate Thick Slab on Wood Base

Sold by the each. 
3.5 to 7.5 inches tall. Thick slabs on wood range in cost from $5 to $16 each. Available in Blue, Natural, Pink, Purple & Teal.

$5.00 ATHWB Quantity:
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Bear Claw Necklace Display Package

Our Replica Bear Claw Display has been a hot seller. The replica bear claws look real. The leather cord that comes with each claw is approximately 30" long. The package contains:
Display Fixture - $ 92.50
60 Pieces @ $2.75 - $165.00
Total Display is - $257.50
Display cost is offset with 8 free necklaces. See Bear Claw for reorder.

$257.50 BCN/PKG Quantity:
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Bulk Crystal Blend_1.jpg
Bulk Crystal Blend

Price is $3.25 a pound, sold in 10 pound bags 
A fantastic blend of different rough stone, quartz crystals, citrine, amethyst crystals, pyrite and more!
Sell in your Treasure Chest Display, Mining Car or Sluice Box!

$32.50 BCB Quantity:
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Crinoid pic--09-30-13.jpg
Crinoid Fossil

Sold by the each. 
Crinoids, also known as Sea Lilies, are marine animals that lived attached to the ocean bottom and filtered food particles from the currents flowing past them. They dominated the Paleozoic fossil era of echinoderms until the Permo-Triassic extinction, (300 to 350 million years ago). These specimens were found in the Atlas mountains of Morocco. Approximate size of plates are 12" X 11-13".
LIMITED STOCK Item, sales limited to stock on-hand, No backorders

$200.00 CRF Quantity:
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CP new.jpg
Crystal Pendulums

We currently have 11 styles of Crystal Pendulum Stones. Order individual stones below. Stones sold individually at $3.50 per stone. The Citrine Pendulums with the package are Natural, not polished.

$3.50 CP Quantity:
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Dendrite Stones

Sold by the each. 
Dendrites look like fossils, but they are not the remains of living things. Dendrites are made of dark Manganese minerals, usually that form in a branching pattern. Dendrites are found between the layers of stratified rocks, as in this Utah sandstone, and within bodies of Agate. Dendrites or Moss Agate are very popular gemstones.
Due to the odd shapes and sizes of this item the following is only a guide, not a guarantee.
X-Small runs approx. 2" to 3"
Small runs approx. 3" to 4".
Medium runs approx. 5" to 6".
Large runs approx. 6" to 8".

$4.00 DD Quantity:
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DRC pic1 2013.jpg
Desert Rose Clusters

Sold by the each. 
These items are 25% off. Discount applied at time of invoicing. Desert Rose is the name given to rosette formations of crystal clusters of Gypsum or Baryte which contain abundant included sand grains. The crystals are formed in arid sandy conditions and are found in many different places around the world. These specimens are from Mexico and are sure to be a great centerpiece for any rock display! Prices range from $6 up to $200.

$15.00 DRC Quantity:
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Extra Quality Natural Agate Thick Slab on Wood Base

These marvelous natural thick slabs of Brazilian Agate are mounted on their own wood base, polished on one side, and come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

$10.00 ATHS/WB/XN Quantity:
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Flexicalymene Trilobite Geode Fossil

Sold by the each. 
These individual Trilobite fossils, which are approximately 425 to 500 million years old, come in the rock in which they were discovered. The rock is split and reveals the fossil within! These fossils are found in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. All fossils come with an information card for each fossil.

$5.00 FCTF Quantity:
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Fortune Bracelet Package

These items are 15% off BRACELETS ONLY. Discount applied at time of invoicing.
Sold by the package.
Fortune Stone Bracelets in a quick easy one stop display. The bracelets are braided in Brazil. They are said to provide good fortune to anyone who wears one. They come in 10 Styles that are sure to please. The package contains 15 each of our 10 styles of bracelets. Bracelets cost $ .75 each. The Display with header card is $25.00. Package is offset with 5 free bracelets. If bracelets are purchased separate of display, they must be bought in packs of 10 by style.

$137.50 $120.62 On Sale! FBR/PKG Quantity:
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Fortune Bracelets

These items are 15% off. Discount applied at time of invoicing.
$ .75 ea,Sold in packs of 10 each by style.
These Fortune Stone bracelets are sure to be a big hit everywhere! Braided in Brazil they are said to provide good fortune to anyone who wears one. They come in 10 Styles that are sure to please.

$7.50 FBR Quantity:
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Fuchsite on Wood Base

Sold by the each. 
Fuchsite is a sparkling green form of Mica, and would be a beautiful addition to any mineral collection. It comes with a custom made wood base, and tent description sign for retail. The size ranges from 4" to 12" tall. cost $3.00 to $25.00ea.

$5.00 FUCHWB Quantity:
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Gemstone Keychains (25 pcs. per pkg.)

Price is $1.35 each, sold in bags of 25 pieces 
These Gemstone Keychains are a very good seller. Also can be purchased as a display package. Buy by stone, or in assortments.

$37.50 KC Quantity:
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